Starfield Everything You Should Know

Starfield Everything You Should Know

Starfield: The Epic Space RPG You’ve Been Waiting For

Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated first-person space RPG, is set to launch on September 6th, and it couldn’t come at a better time. With a multitude of big releases expected this fall, Starfield is poised to shine as one of the standout games of the year. From embarking on thrilling bounty hunts to building your own outpost on a remote planet, this epic-looking game has it all.

A Long-Awaited Arrival

First revealed in 2018, Starfield has been generating buzz ever since. Bethesda’s biggest game to date, this space adventure holds incredible potential to be crowned Game of the Year in a truly stacked 2023. Fans have been eagerly awaiting its release, and now they can finally set their sights on September.

When and How Much?

  • Starfield launches on September 6th. However, players who preordered the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition will gain early access and can start playing on September 1st.

  • The Standard Edition of Starfield is priced at $70, offering an immersive gaming experience at an affordable price. For players seeking an enhanced journey, the Premium Edition, retailing at $100, includes the Constellation Skin Pack, access to the Starfield Digital Artbook, the original soundtrack, and the Shattered Space story expansion, slated for release after the game’s launch. Those who initially preordered the Standard Edition can upgrade to the Premium Edition for an additional $35.

  • For die-hard fans, there was the exclusive Starfield Constellation Edition, priced at $250. This coveted edition featured a Starfield Chronomark watch and a watch case, but unfortunately, it sold out earlier this year.

Xbox Game Pass and Availability

Starfield will be available on both Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC, offering players the flexibility to seamlessly transition between platforms without the need for separate purchases. Xbox Game Pass encompasses various subscription tiers, with the PC-only option priced at $10 per month and the Xbox-only version at $11. For ultimate access to PC and Xbox games, along with cloud gaming, players can opt for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, available for $17 per month.

Platforms and Preloading

Starfield will launch for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, as well as on PC via Steam and the Windows Store. Preloading for both Xbox and PC versions started on August 17th, allowing eager players to get a head start on their interstellar adventures.

The Story Worth Exploring

Set in the year 2330, Starfield depicts a future where humanity has achieved interstellar travel through the use of gravity engines. Players assume the role of a miner with a seemingly ordinary task – gathering materials on a moon. However, a chance encounter with an artifact reveals that your character possesses extraordinary abilities. From there, the space adventure takes off, offering a vast universe to explore, with over 1,000 planets awaiting discovery.

Gear Up with Starfield-branded Accessories

To accompany the game launch, Microsoft will be releasing a range of Starfield-branded accessories. The Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless controller, priced at $80, offers fans a chance to immerse themselves fully in the game. Additionally, the Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Headset, retailing at $124, provides an audio experience like no other. For those looking to give their Xbox Series X a new look, Starfield-themed console wraps are available for pre-order at $45. And for those interested in more than just gaming, a plethora of Starfield merchandise, such as mugs, shirts, and even skateboards, can be found at the Bethesda store.

Prepare for the launch of Starfield, the game that promises to transport players to an immersive interstellar world full of excitement and discovery. Mark your calendars for September 6th, and get ready to embark on a journey that will capture your imagination and leave you wanting more.

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