Shazam Update Adds 2 New Lock Screen Widgets

Shazam Update Adds 2 New Lock Screen Widgets

Apple’s Shazam Update: Unlock the Power of Music Recognition on Your Lock Screen

Shazam Lock Screen Widgets

If you love music, you’ve probably heard of Shazam. It’s the popular music recognition app that can identify songs just by listening to a few seconds of sound. Well, the good news is that Shazam has released a new update, version 15.38, which brings even more convenience and functionality to your fingertips. This latest update introduces two new Lock Screen widgets for iPhone and iPad users.

The first widget is a smaller one that allows you to access Shazam directly from your Lock Screen. Now, you don’t have to unlock your device or navigate through multiple apps to identify a song. Simply swipe, tap, and let Shazam work its magic. It’s like having your personal music detective right on your Lock Screen, ready to uncover the title and artist of any song that catches your ear.

The second widget is wider and displays the last song you identified using Shazam. It’s a great way to keep track of your favorite tunes or rediscover those catchy melodies that got stuck in your head. With the wider widget, you can indulge in a quick music trivia session without even unlocking your iPhone or iPad. It’s a handy feature that adds a touch of music discovery to your Lock Screen experience.

But what’s even more exciting about this update is how it reflects Apple’s ongoing efforts to integrate Shazam with its flagship music streaming service, Apple Music. Ever since Apple acquired Shazam in 2018, they have been working hard to provide a seamless experience for music lovers. Through the app, you can now access trials for Apple Music and easily sync your Shazams directly to your Apple Music library.

Shazam’s popularity continues to soar, with over 200 million monthly active users worldwide and more than one billion Shazams per month. It’s no wonder why Apple is investing in this app and enhancing its features. Whether you’re an avid music enthusiast or someone who just loves discovering new songs, Shazam has become a go-to app for millions around the world.

And it’s not just for Apple users. Shazam is available for download on iOS, Android, and even on the web. So, no matter which device you own, you can enjoy the benefits of this renowned music recognition app. With features accessible through the Control Center, Siri commands, and now Lock Screen widgets, Shazam seamlessly integrates into your digital life, making music discovery effortless and fun.

So, if you haven’t tried Shazam yet or if you’re still using an older version, now is the perfect time to update. Unlock the power of music recognition right from your Lock Screen and dive into the vast world of music with Shazam. Download it for free from the App Store and let your musical journey begin.