Samsung mass produces OLED displays for iPhone 15.

Samsung mass produces OLED displays for iPhone 15.

Samsung Receives Approval for Mass Production of OLED Displays for iPhone 15 Series

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In an exciting development, Samsung Display, the main OLED supplier for Apple, has recently received mass production approval for the displays of all four models in Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 15 series. This approval comes ahead of key rivals LG Display and BOE, positioning Samsung to maintain a strong presence in Apple’s supply chain. The release of the iPhone 15 series is expected in September and has generated quite a buzz among tech enthusiasts.

Rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max suggest that these models will feature slimmer bezels compared to their predecessors, the iPhone 14 Pro models. However, this reduction in bezel size has created some manufacturing challenges for LG Display and BOE, leading to delays in receiving mass production approval. Despite setbacks, LG Display has obtained conditional approval for the smaller iPhone 15 Pro, with formal approval for the iPhone 15 Pro Max anticipated in the coming months. BOE is still awaiting conditional approval from Apple for the OLED displays of the standard iPhone 15 and the larger iPhone 15 Plus.

While LG Display faced difficulties implementing the smaller bezels, both LG and BOE encountered challenges in incorporating cutouts for the Dynamic Island. As a result, BOE is likely to miss shipments for the rest of the year, while LG Display has transferred initial OLED shipments to Samsung. Consequently, Samsung is projected to achieve higher OLED display shipments in 2023 than originally anticipated, further solidifying its position as a key player in Apple’s supply chain.

Although LG Display did not receive mass production approval in time, it is unlikely to experience significant losses due to disruptions in other aspects of production. For instance, Sony is mainly supplying image sensors for the iPhone 15 series, while LG Innotek is providing the folded zoom components for the Periscope lens on the Pro Max model. However, both components have reportedly encountered lower production yields than expected, affecting supply chain efficiency.

Despite production disruptions, Apple is determined to release the entire iPhone 15 series in September, as initially planned. However, there may be a limited number of iPhone 15 Pro Max devices available in the first few weeks after launch. To ensure a steady supply of Pro models this year, Apple is likely to prioritize production of the 6.1-inch Pro model, as it currently faces the most significant production disruptions.

The approval of mass production for Samsung Display marks an important milestone in the journey towards the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series. With Samsung’s OLED displays playing a vital role in Apple’s flagship smartphones, consumers can expect an enhanced visual experience, thanks to the slimmer bezels. This development also highlights the intricate nature of global supply chains and the challenges faced by manufacturers in meeting consumer demand in a timely manner.

As the release date draws near, excitement continues to build for the iPhone 15 series, and all eyes are on Apple to see how these new devices will shape the future of mobile technology. Stay tuned for further updates as we countdown to the unveiling of the iPhone 15 series in September.