Samsung announced 3 new Android tablets. Here’s a first look.

Samsung announced 3 new Android tablets. Here's a first look.

Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Tab S9 Series: A Worthy Competitor to the iPad Lineup

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Image Source: Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Samsung has recently launched an impressive lineup of tablets to take on the ever-popular iPad series. The Galaxy Tab S9 trio comes in three different sizes and price points, offering Android enthusiasts plenty of options to choose from. While the latest models share a similar size and design with their predecessor, Samsung has made some minor tweaks to their appearance, as well as introducing fresh color options.

The notorious pill-shaped camera island has been replaced with a sleek floating lens design, resembling the Galaxy S23 series phones. As for the color options, there’s now a captivating beige variant available. Even though these changes are not drastic, they add a touch of aesthetic appeal to the tablets, making them even more desirable.

Galaxy Tab S9 Series: Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus Image Source: Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends

Under the hood, all three Samsung tablets are equipped with a slightly enhanced version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, specially branded for the Galaxy lineup. The screen sizes remain unchanged, as well as the quad-speaker arrays and memory modules inside.

The Galaxy Tab S9 features an 11-inch AMOLED display with a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate. For those looking for a larger screen, the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus offers a generous 12.4-inch display, while the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra takes it a step further, boasting an impressive 14.6-inch display. Additionally, the S9 Ultra includes a notch at the top housing two front cameras, further enhancing the tablet’s photography capabilities.

In terms of connectivity, all three models come with 5G support, catering to the increasing demand for faster mobile data speeds. Samsung has also continued its tradition of including a stylus with the tablet, further enhancing productivity and creativity. One notable change this time around is the shift from a physical fingerprint scanner to an in-display fingerprint sensor, which ensures a seamless user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Image Source: Joe Maring/Digital Trends

In terms of camera capabilities, the Galaxy Tab S9 offers a single rear camera with a 13-megapixel sensor. However, the Tab S9 Plus and its Ultra variant provide an additional 8-megapixel ultrawide camera, providing users with greater versatility in capturing stunning photos. As for the front selfie cameras, the base Tab S9 and its Plus variant sport a 12-megapixel camera, while the Ultra version takes it up a notch with an additional 12-megapixel ultrawide camera.

Samsung hasn’t made any improvements to the battery capacity in the updated tablet lineup. The Galaxy Tab S9 comes with an 8,400 mAh battery, the Tab S9 Plus boasts a 10,900 mAh battery, and the Ultra model is powered by an 11,200 mAh Li-ion unit. While there may not be any significant upgrade in this aspect, the tablets are still poised to offer excellent battery life for all-day use.

The RAM and storage options for the Galaxy Tab S9 series range from 8GB and 128GB, up to a whopping 16GB and 1TB, respectively. However, the base models come with 128GB storage and 8GB RAM. Thankfully, all versions of the tablets support microSD card expansion of up to 1TB, providing users with the flexibility to expand their storage space if needed.

Galaxy Tab S9 Series: Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Image Source: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (left) and Samsung Galaxy S9 Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

As for the price range, the Galaxy Tab S9 starts at $800 for the 8GB RAM/128GB storage configuration. Stepping up to the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus will cost at least $1,000 for the 12GB RAM/256GB model, while the 5G version with the same RAM and storage is priced at $1,450. Lastly, for those seeking the ultimate tablet experience, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra starts at a minimum of $1,200 for the base model with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

Preorders for the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup have already begun, and regular sales are set to commence on August 11. Samsung’s latest tablets offer an excellent choice for those seeking a high-end Android tablet. While the overall specifications may not present groundbreaking innovations, they still deliver impressive performance and features that are among the best in the market. Considering the limited availability of flagship Android tablets in the U.S. market, Samsung has successfully positioned itself as a strong competitor.

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