Rumors of major price hike for iPhone 15 Pro models

Rumors of major price hike for iPhone 15 Pro models

iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max Could See “Major Price Hike” According to Analyst

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max may come with a significant price increase compared to their predecessors, according to DigiTimes’ senior analyst Luke Lin. While the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are expected to maintain their pricing similar to the current models, the Pro models could see a cost adjustment due to their new titanium chassis and periscope camera technology on the larger model.

This news comes at a time when the global smartphone demand is projected to soften in the latter half of 2023. Despite this, Apple has still placed orders for between 80 to 90 million ‌iPhone 15‌ units for this period, a slight decrease from the 90 to 100 million units ordered for the iPhone 14 models last year. The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max leads the order share, followed by the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌, ‌iPhone 15‌, and the ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus.

Previous forecasts indicated that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max would be at least $100 more expensive than their predecessors. With the current iPhone 14 Pro starting at $999 and the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max starting at $1,099, it is expected that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ could start at $1,099 to $1,199, while the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max could start at $1,199 to $1,299.

This potential price increase aligns with previous reports by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and analyst Jeff Pu, who both suggested that Apple was considering raising the price for the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max. Pu believes that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ could start at $1,099, up from the $999 starting price of the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌.

In addition to the potential price increase, upstream supply chain information indicates that Apple will also increase the display sizes of both Pro models next year. This goes along with rumors suggesting that the devices will grow from their current display sizes of 6.1 and 6.7 inches to 6.3 and 6.9 inches.

Overall, while the price hike may be a cause for concern to some, it is important to note that the Pro models are expected to come with several significant upgrades, including a new titanium chassis and periscope camera technology. These innovations are likely to enhance the user experience and provide even greater capabilities for photography and videography enthusiasts. Therefore, the price increase may be justified by the enhanced features and advanced technologies offered by the new iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max.

The entire ‌iPhone 15‌ lineup is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s highly anticipated “Wonderlust” event on Tuesday, September 12. As Apple continues to push the boundaries of smartphone technology, it remains to be seen how consumers will react to the potential price increase when considering the overall value and cutting-edge capabilities of the new iPhones.