Reports suggest Microsoft may AI revamp Windows 11.

Reports suggest Microsoft may AI revamp Windows 11.

Microsoft Expands its AI Efforts in Windows 11

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Microsoft has been making significant advancements in the field of AI over the past year. They have partnered with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, and have even released their own AI chatbot called Bing Chat. Now, it seems that Microsoft is taking their AI efforts a step further with Windows 11.

According to sources from Windows Central, Microsoft is working on incorporating AI functionality into several of its Windows 11 apps. These apps include Photos, Snipping Tool, and Paint. This move is expected to enhance the user experience and make these tools even more powerful.

One of the reported AI features being developed for the Photos app is the ability to identify objects in a photo and copy and paste them elsewhere. This functionality is similar to the drag-and-drop feature found in iOS 16. With this AI capability, users will have more flexibility in editing and manipulating their photos.

The Snipping Tool, a popular screenshot tool, is also set to receive an upgrade. Microsoft is reportedly working on incorporating optical character recognition (OCR) into the tool. This OCR feature will enable the tool to identify text in a screenshot, making it easier for users to copy and paste text from images. Furthermore, the same OCR feature is said to be in the works for the camera app, allowing users to easily extract text from photos taken with their devices.

Additionally, Microsoft is exploring AI art generation within the Paint app. The company aims to implement a feature that would allow users to create a canvas based on specific criteria. This AI art generation capability will give users a new way to express their creativity and generate unique artwork.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft already has experience in the AI art space through its Bing Image Creator. This tool uses text to generate any image that a user can imagine, similar to the well-known DALL-E model. By bringing AI art generation to the Paint app, Microsoft is expected to further empower users to unleash their artistic potential.

Microsoft has recently announced that it will be hosting an event on September 21, where they are likely to unveil new hardware such as the Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9. This event presents an ideal platform for Microsoft to showcase its latest AI projects, including the AI enhancements in Windows 11 apps.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s foray into AI continues with its plans to incorporate AI functionality into key Windows 11 apps. The AI capabilities coming to Photos, Snipping Tool, and Paint will provide users with enhanced editing, text recognition, and artistic generation features respectively. With its fall event on the horizon, Microsoft is poised to showcase the exciting possibilities of AI in their software ecosystem.