Real-time Ubuntu is now available in AWS Marketplace, perfect for rapid prototyping.

Real-time Ubuntu is now available in AWS Marketplace, perfect for rapid prototyping.

Real-Time Ubuntu: A Game-Changer in Cloud-Based OS


Remember when Canonical launched Real-Time Ubuntu back in February of 2023? Since then, customers have been eagerly anticipating a cloud-based version of the operating system, and the wait is finally over. Canonical has delivered on their promise, bringing Real-Time Ubuntu to the AWS Marketplace, offering users an ideal platform for rapid prototyping and innovation.

Real-Time Ubuntu is a groundbreaking operating system that has made significant strides in the domain of software-defined vehicles, revolutionizing the way rapid development and seamless deployment are approached. According to Edoardo Barbieri, the Product Manager at Canonical, the Real-Time Ubuntu listing in the AWS Marketplace allows OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to structure their software-defined vehicle strategies based on reliable and secure open-source solutions on the cloud.

But what exactly sets Real-Time Ubuntu apart from other operating systems? Well, for starters, Real-Time Ubuntu 22.04 LTS incorporates the PREEMPT_RT patches from the upstream project, maintained by the Linux Foundation. These patches significantly reduce latencies, enabling time-predictable task execution by utilizing priority schedulers and other real-time mechanisms for Preemption. This ensures that Real-Time Ubuntu provides ultra-low latency, optimized kernel boot speed, outstanding runtime performance, and a remarkable maintenance commitment of 10 years from the release date.

One of the key advantages of Real-Time Ubuntu on the AWS Marketplace is its ability to automatically apply critical and high-security kernel CVE patches at runtime, eliminating the need for immediate reboot. This feature ensures that systems running Real-Time Ubuntu are always up to date with the latest security measures. Additionally, the images are updated daily to ensure that the most recent security patches are applied, guaranteeing a robust and secure environment.

Real-Time Ubuntu has garnered immense praise from companies such as MooVita, a smart mobility solution provider. Anthony Wong, Co-Founder and CTO at MooVita, expressed their excitement about the Real-Time Ubuntu listing in the AWS Marketplace, highlighting that Real-Time Ubuntu has met their stringent latency requirements from day one and has allowed them to focus on next-generation application development while keeping costs within check.

In today’s data-driven world, real-time processing is becoming increasingly important for businesses to stay competitive. The more data a company has, the greater the need for real-time processing. This holds true not only for general data-driven businesses but also for industrial computers powering control systems, edge servers, robots, and drones. These systems require real-time kernel capabilities to process data as quickly as possible, and Real-Time Ubuntu provides not only the possibility of achieving this but also ensures reliability and cost-effectiveness.

If you’re looking for the processing power of a real-time kernel, look no further than Real-Time Ubuntu available on the AWS Marketplace. With a typical price of approximately $0.072 per hour, Real-Time Ubuntu is an affordable option for businesses seeking to leverage the power of real-time processing. To get an accurate estimate, you can make use of the cost estimator found on the official Real-Time Ubuntu listing in the AWS Marketplace.

Canonical’s Real-Time Ubuntu has truly revolutionized the landscape of cloud-based operating systems. With its exceptional performance, reliability, and security features, it has become the go-to choice for innovators and businesses alike. So, if you’re on the lookout for an operating system that combines the flexibility of the cloud with the power of real-time processing, Real-Time Ubuntu is the ideal option for you.