Rare 1990s Apple Sneakers for Sale at $50,000

Rare 1990s Apple Sneakers for Sale at $50,000

Rare Apple-Branded Sneakers Up for Auction

Sotheby’s, the renowned auction house, has recently put an ultra-rare pair of official Apple-branded sneakers up for sale. Priced at a staggering $50,000, these sneakers, known as the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers, are a collector’s dream come true. With a white leather upper adorned with rainbow Apple logos on the tongue and next to the laces, these sneakers are a unique and eye-catching item for any Apple enthusiast.

The backstory of these shoes is what makes them truly special. Back in 1986, Apple briefly released “The Apple Collection,” a catalog featuring a range of merchandise and clothing. This collection, which showcased the iconic rainbow logo and Macintosh computer imagery, allowed fans to sport their love for the brand. However, the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers were not part of this collection. Instead, they were custom-made for Apple employees in the 1990s and were only given away as a one-time gift at a National Sales Conference.

This exclusive nature of the sneakers adds to their allure. Sotheby’s describes them as “one of the most obscure in existence,” marking the first time they have been made available to the public. It’s a true testament to the rarity and desirability of these sneakers. The online listing states that more than 22,000 Apple consumers purchased clothing and accessories from the brand in 1985, highlighting the immense dedication of Apple fans across various categories.

While Apple has partnered with brands like Lamy, Honda, and Braun to extend their iconic branding to different white label products, these sneakers remained exclusive to Apple employees. The predominantly white upper of the sneakers, featuring the retro rainbow Apple logo on both the tongue and lateral quarter, immediately catches the eye. It’s a vintage design that exudes nostalgia for Apple’s earlier years.

Although the sneakers are described as “new in the box,” age has caused some slight imperfections. Yellowing around the midsoles and glue, as well as light marks on the toe boxes, serve as reminders of the sneakers’ history and the passage of time. These signs of wear only add to their charm and authenticity.

The price tag of $50,000 for these sneakers might seem exceptionally high, but it reflects their scarcity and the incredible demand among tech enthusiasts and collectors. This unique item represents a piece of Apple’s history, allowing fans to own a tangible symbol of the brand’s legacy. Given their limited availability and pristine condition, it’s no surprise that they are highly coveted on the resale market.

Whether you’re an avid Apple fan or a sneaker aficionado, this ultra-rare pair of Apple-branded sneakers provides a distinctive and stylish way to make a statement. With their blend of exclusivity, design aesthetics, and historical significance, these sneakers represent more than just footwear. They are a symbol of innovation, creativity, and the enduring spirit of Apple. So, if you have a spare $50,000 lying around, why not invest in a piece of tech and fashion history?