PS5 Beta Update adds 3D Audio for Dolby Atmos and 8TB Storage.

PS5 Beta Update adds 3D Audio for Dolby Atmos and 8TB Storage.

Sony Releases Beta Software Update for PlayStation 5: Enhanced Audio and Expanded Storage Support

PlayStation 5

Sony is once again making waves in the gaming world with the announcement of a beta software update for the PlayStation 5 (PS5). This update, set to be released worldwide later this year, brings some exciting new features to the popular gaming console. In a blog post on Monday, Sony revealed that the update will introduce 3D Audio support for Dolby Atmos sound systems and expand the M.2 SSD storage support up to a whopping 8TB.

The introduction of 3D Audio is a game-changer for immersive audio experiences on the PS5. Designed to give users the feeling of sound coming from natural directions, 3D Audio is made possible by Sony’s advanced Tempest 3D AudioTech. Previously, this technology only worked on headsets, but with the new beta update, those with Dolby Atmos sound systems can now enjoy the same level of immersive audio. It is worth noting that while Tempest 3D AudioTech works with any headset, it shines brightest with compatible headsets. Additionally, there are currently only a handful of games that support 3D Audio.

Moreover, the update also brings expanded support for M.2 SSD storage, allowing users to increase their storage capacity up to a massive 8TB. However, it’s important to note that not every M.2 SSD will fit in a PS5, so users must ensure they purchase the correct one. This storage expansion is a welcome addition for gamers who frequently download and play large games, providing them with more space to house their extensive library of titles.

This beta update comes as Sony continues its dominance in the gaming space. Despite initial supply constraints due to the pandemic, Sony has managed to sell nearly 40 million units of the PS5 since its launch in November 2020. In comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S consoles have shipped or sold around 21 million units, according to a slide shown during a developer’s conference in Brazil.

The success of the PS5 can be attributed, in part, to Sony’s focus on cutting-edge technology. The console boasts lightning-fast SSD speeds and advanced audio technology, which have helped capture the hearts of gamers worldwide. The allure of these features could explain why many gamers are willing to invest $500 in a PS5 over an Xbox Series X. In an effort to expand its market presence, Microsoft recently acquired Activision Blizzard, the makers of popular games like Call of Duty, for a staggering $69 billion. While there were initial concerns over antitrust issues, the US Federal Trade Commission may drop the case.

Sony’s commitment to accessibility is also evident in its upcoming releases. In addition to the beta update, Sony recently announced the upcoming launch of its accessibility controller, scheduled for release in December and priced at $90. This controller provides people with disabilities a new way to enjoy games. With the beta update, Sony is also introducing a different kind of accessibility option – the ability to assign a second controller to one account. This means that two controllers can be used to control the actions of one character onscreen, allowing a second person to assist the primary player through difficult sections of games.

To take advantage of the PS5 beta program and update your console with these exciting features, follow these steps: 1. Sign in to your PlayStation account and sign up for the beta program here. 2. Once you receive the confirmation email, go to the PlayStation Store. 3. Navigate to the three dots in the upper-right-hand corner and click on “Redeem Code.” 4. Enter the code provided in the email. 5. Exit the PlayStation Store and scroll to the top right until you see the gear icon for “Settings.” 6. Go to “System,” then “System Software,” and finally “System Software Update and Settings.” 7. Select “Update System Software (beta)” and click “Update.” 8. Accept the beta software agreement.

If you own a Dolby Atmos sound system and want to enable 3D Audio on your PS5, simply follow these steps: 1. Scroll up and to the right to access the gear icon for “Settings.” 2. Scroll to “Sound” and navigate to “Audio Output” and “Audio Format (Priority).” 3. Select “Dolby Atmos.”

To activate a second controller for assistance in games, follow these steps: 1. Scroll up and to the right to access the gear icon for “Settings.” 2. Go to “Accessibility,” then “Controllers,” and finally “Use Second Controller for Assistance.” 3. Turn on “Use Assist Controller.”

With this beta update, Sony is once again pushing the boundaries of gaming technology, providing gamers with enhanced audio experiences and expanded storage capabilities. As the release date for this update approaches, PlayStation fans eagerly await the opportunity to further enhance their gaming experience on the PS5.