Procreate’s $20 animation app blows artists’ minds

Procreate's $20 animation app blows artists' minds

Procreate Dreams: The Game-Changing Animation App for iPad

Procreate Dreams

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of digital art, you’re probably familiar with Procreate – the beloved art app for iPad that has captured the hearts of illustrators everywhere. Offering a powerful tool for creating and editing digital artwork at an affordable price of $12.99, Procreate has become a staple in the industry, providing a much-needed alternative to expensive subscription-based creative software. And now, the developers behind Procreate are set to revolutionize the world of animation with their latest creation – Procreate Dreams.

Making Animation Accessible and Affordable

In a world where subscription services and pricey creative software can drain your wallet, Procreate Dreams aims to be a game-changer by offering an affordable animation app for iPad. Priced at just $19.99 with no subscription required, Procreate Dreams is set to make waves among artists and animators alike. The developer, Savage Interactive, understands the importance of affordability and aims to lower the barrier of entry for a whole new generation of animators.

Intuitive User Interface and Powerful Tools

Procreate Dreams boasts a user-friendly interface that is not only intuitive but also designed to cater to both beginners and experienced animators. The app can be operated using touch controls as well as an Apple Pen, giving users the freedom to create animations in the way that suits them best. One of the standout features of Dreams is its Performing tool, which allows creators to record animations live as their video plays. With this feature, animators can effortlessly drag objects, apply effects and filters, and warp images without the need to set up complex keyframes.

But that’s not all – Procreate Dreams also offers advanced features like Flipbook, a homage to traditional frame-by-frame animation, similar to Procreate’s Animation Assist feature. This means that professional animators will find the app powerful enough to meet their needs while still being accessible to beginners. In fact, some of the tools, such as the brushes, will be familiar to users of the original Procreate app.

The Enthusiasm Surrounding Procreate Dreams

The announcement of Procreate Dreams sent shockwaves through the artistic community, triggering an outpouring of excitement on social media. Countless creators took to Twitter, expressing their overwhelming enthusiasm for what could very well be their dream app. Artists are losing their minds, with some even declaring their ardent desire to “mouth kiss” the app.

This level of excitement speaks volumes about the impact Procreate has had on the artistic community and the high expectations surrounding Procreate Dreams. The combination of Savage Interactive’s unwavering commitment to app development and the one-time cost of $19.99 makes Procreate Dreams a no-brainer for creatives everywhere.

The Future of Procreate Dreams

Savage Interactive has made it clear that they have big plans for Procreate Dreams, promising to build upon its features and expand the app’s capacity, much like they did with Procreate. Even without further development, the app’s reputation, coupled with its affordability, would make it a must-have for artists and animators around the globe.

The wait is almost over – Procreate Dreams will be available for purchase in the App Store on November 22nd. Prepare to enter a world where animation is accessible, affordable, and, most importantly, filled with limitless possibilities.