Pixel 8 camera app receives major update.

Pixel 8 camera app receives major update.

Upcoming Changes to the Google Pixel 8 Camera App: A Worthwhile Shake-up

Google Pixel 8

The Google Pixel 8 camera app is set to receive a significant overhaul, as revealed by prominent Google leaker, Kamila Wojciechowska on Android Authority. While this news may seem like a minor shift to those who have been avid users of the Pixel line of phones, for others, it signals a more substantial change.

Google intends to revamp the camera app’s workflow by rearranging a few elements. For longtime Pixel phone users, this means a brief period of adjustment as they become accustomed to the new layout. However, it’s worth noting that the Pixel camera app is widely regarded as one of the best on the market. In fact, it can take aging hardware and produce exceptional photos. Personal experience with the Pixel 7 Pro camera app has demonstrated its capability to outperform any other phone camera available, largely due to its ability to maximize the hardware.

The Pixel 8 camera will incorporate a Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensor, larger and capable of capturing approximately 35% more light than the GN1 found in the Pixel 7. Furthermore, this sensor supports filming in 8K at 30fps, although it remains uncertain whether this feature will be included in the Pixel 8. Additionally, the ultrawide camera in the Pixel 8 is getting an upgrade from the outdated 12MP Sony IMX386 to a more advanced 64MP Sony IMX787.

However, the most significant changes are happening within the app itself. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Menu Carousel: The existing menu carousel, used to switch between different modes like Motion, Portrait, Camera, Video, Cinematic, and Mode, is getting replaced with a two-button switch. This new interface allows users to select either Camera or Video. Once selected, the traditional Carousel will be accessible for further options.

  2. Camera Switch and Gallery Button: Google is considering swapping the positions of the camera switch and gallery button. For those accustomed to automatically tapping the gallery button to view recently captured photos and videos, this workflow will need adjustment.

  3. Settings Popup: The Settings menu, previously accessible by tapping the downward-pointing arrow in the upper left corner, will now be brought up by swiping up on the screen. This change in workflow may initially confuse some users.

  4. Motion Modes: The Motion tab has been divided into two separate options: Long Exposure and Action Pan. Additionally, the Cinematic Pan stabilization mode has been simplified to just Pan.

  5. Stabilization Modes: The old Pixel Stabilization modes have been consolidated into a popup menu within the options menu. Now, users have access to three different stabilization options: Standard, Locked, and Active.

These changes aim to make the Pixel camera more powerful and significantly streamline the photo-taking workflow. Users can expect an easier and more reliable experience compared to previous iterations. However, for long-time Pixel phone users, adapting to this entirely different process may present a challenge.

Nevertheless, if these changes result in even better photos than those produced by the already impressive Pixel 7 Pro, the transition will be well worth it. Considering the camera app hasn’t undergone a significant overhaul since the Pixel 4, these updates are long overdue.

In conclusion, the Google Pixel 8 camera app is shaking things up with a new and improved interface, hardware enhancements, and a simplified workflow. With the promise of even better photos, users have good reason to be excited. So, get ready to embrace the changes and enjoy capturing stunning moments with the Google Pixel 8.