Philips Hue’s new security camera utilizes smart lights to deter intruders.

Philips Hue's new security camera utilizes smart lights to deter intruders.

Philips Hue Expands into Smart Home Security with New Line of Cameras

Hue Secure Cameras

In the realm of smart lighting, Philips Hue has earned its reputation as a leader. However, until now, the company’s focus has primarily been on lighting solutions. That is all set to change as Philips Hue recently announced its foray into the smart home security market. This fall, they will be launching their first line of smart home security cameras, which seamlessly integrate with their smart lighting system.

At first glance, the Philips Hue Secure cameras offer the standard features expected from a smart home security camera. They have a live feed, recorded clips, motion alerts, two-way talk, night vision, and a built-in alarm. However, what sets these cameras apart is their integration with the Hue smart lights. Users can set customized responses to motion, allowing for a more personalized and interactive security experience.

With the Hue security cameras, homeowners can create specific actions for their lights when motion is detected. It goes beyond simply turning on lights; users can brighten lights that were previously set to a dim light or set them to strobe red. This level of control adds an extra layer of security and can serve as a deterrent to potential intruders.

While it was technically possible to achieve similar results using third-party apps like IFTTT or Tasker, Philips Hue’s native integration makes the process much simpler. The interaction with the lights is not automatic; users receive a notification when motion is detected. On the notification screen, there is a “Perform Action” button that allows them to sound an alarm, call authorities or another emergency contact, and activate the lights.

In addition to the cameras, Philips Hue is also introducing door and window contact sensors that offer the same customization options. These sensors will trigger light automations whenever a door or window is opened, further enhancing the security system.

The company plans to release four security camera models this fall, including an ENBLE version and a battery-operated version, each available in black or white. Additionally, a fifth camera model, the Philips Hue Secure floodlight, is scheduled to debut early next year.

However, it’s worth noting that Philips Hue’s security cameras come at a higher price point compared to some competitors. The ENBLE version is priced at $200, while the battery-operated version costs $250. Adding the floodlight option increases the price to $350. In comparison, competing brands like Ring and Blink offer indoor and outdoor cameras in the $60 range, with floodlight versions priced around $100.

While the price may be a consideration for some, Philips Hue’s integration with their existing smart lighting ecosystem and the added customization options make these cameras an attractive choice for those looking to expand their smart home security.

Overall, Philips Hue’s entry into the smart home security market shows the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion. With their reputation for quality smart lighting products, it’s exciting to see them venture into new territories and offer customers a more comprehensive smart home experience.

So, whether you’re an existing Philips Hue user or someone looking to enhance their home security, the new line of smart home security cameras from Philips Hue is definitely something to consider. Stay tuned for their release this fall and get ready to add an extra layer of security and personalization to your smart home setup.