Our top Apple Watches, including the latest Series 8 and the affordable SE

Our top Apple Watches, including the latest Series 8 and the affordable SE

The Best Apple Watches of 2023: Which Model Should You Choose?

Best Apple Watches of 2023

The Apple Watch has become the gold standard for wearable tech, and with the release of the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and updated Apple Watch SE last fall, there are even more robust health-tracking features and improved functionality to choose from. At Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, the company unveiled WatchOS 10, the latest version of the watch’s operating system, with several new features for health, exercise, and easier app and widget access.

But with so many options, which Apple Watch model is the best fit for you? We have rounded up the best models based on ENBLE’s hands-on testing to help you make an informed decision.

Apple Watch Series 8 – The Best Apple Watch Overall

The Apple Watch Series 8 is our top pick for the best Apple Watch overall. Packed with new health features, extended battery life, and updated chip and sensors, this flagship smartwatch is a significant leap forward. With an updated S8 chip and two new sensors, it can detect falls and car accidents, allowing you to contact emergency services and contacts even without your phone. The Series 8 is also made of 100% recycled aerospace-grade alloy, providing durability and strength. In addition to health features like built-in ECG and heart sensors, it offers SOS calling and messaging capabilities, even in areas without cellular network coverage. With an improved battery life of up to 36 hours, the Series 8 is a powerhouse of functionality.

Apple Watch Ultra – Best Apple Watch for Outdoor Sports

Apple Watch Ultra

For the outdoor enthusiasts, the Apple Watch Ultra is the perfect choice. Built to handle the toughest outdoor challenges, it features a durable aerospace-grade titanium case and a sapphire crystal face. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters and scuba diving up to 40 meters, making it great for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. With MIL-STD-810H durability, the Apple Watch Ultra can withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, and high altitudes. It offers dual-frequency GPS for accurate location tracking even in mountainous terrain. The battery life is impressive, with up to 60 hours of use in low battery mode. The Ultra also features an all-new action button for custom controls and an integrated emergency siren.

Apple Watch SE – Best Budget Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Apple Watch SE is a great choice. It offers a streamlined and simpler device while still delivering impressive health and communication features. With crash and fall detection sensors, it provides peace of mind in case of emergencies. The SE includes Apple’s expanded health tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor heart rate, rhythm, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns. The Apple Watch SE also introduces Family Setup, which allows you to track the health of family members, making it ideal for children and older adults.

Apple Watch Hermès – Best Apple Watch Splurge

Apple Watch Hermès

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, the Apple Watch Hermès is the perfect choice. While it shares the same features as the Apple Watch Series 8, it offers exclusive Hermès watch faces and stylish bands. The luxury bands, like the H Diagonal bands, showcase the iconic Hermès “H” through microperforations in the leather. The Apple Watch Hermès is the ultimate splurge for those who appreciate designer fashion and want a unique timepiece.

Apple Watch Series 7 – Best Older Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 7 is still worth considering, even though it’s not the latest model. It features a large display, fast charging, and health-focused features like blood oxygen measurement, ECG, and sleep analysis. The Series 7 is water, dust, and crack-resistant, making it suitable for intense workouts. It comes in aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel finishes, with various color options.

Summary of Apple Watch Models:

Apple Watch Model Price Display Size Battery Life Storage Capacity Chip
Apple Watch Series 8 $399 41 or 45mm 36 hours 32GB S8 SiP
Apple Watch Ultra $799 49mm 60 hours 32GB S8 SiP
Apple Watch SE $249 40 or 44mm 18 hours 32GB S8 SiP
Apple Watch Hermès $1,229 41 or 45mm 36 hours 32GB S8 SiP
Apple Watch Series 7 $375 41 or 45mm Up to 18 hours 32GB S7 SiP

Choosing the Right Apple Watch Model for You

If you’re finding it difficult to decide which Apple Watch model is right for you, here’s a decision tree that summarizes the main points:

Choose this Apple Watch If you want…
Apple Watch Series 8 A well-rounded smartwatch for health tracking, calls, and texts. Equipped with the latest features, it’s an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts.
Apple Watch Ultra A ruggedized smartwatch for extreme outdoor conditions. Perfect for adventurous individuals who need a reliable and sturdy device.
Apple Watch SE A more budget-friendly option that still offers impressive fitness tracking and communication features. Ideal for those on a tight budget.
Apple Watch Hermès A fashion-forward smartwatch splurge. Designed in collaboration with the luxury brand, it showcases premium materials and exclusive watch faces.
Apple Watch Series 7 An older generation but still reliable and well-rounded. Offers features like a larger display and faster charging.

How We Chose the Best Apple Watch Models

To determine the best Apple Watch models for 2023, we based our selection on factors like display size, features, and pricing. Our team at ENBLE has tested and reviewed almost every Apple Watch model ever released, allowing us to compare each model’s unique features, such as crash detection, health tracking, battery life, and more.

Common Questions About Apple Watches

Here are some common questions and answers related to Apple Watches:

Do you need an iPhone to use an Apple Watch?

Yes, an iPhone is required to set up your Apple Watch. However, with the Family Setup feature, you can pair one iPhone with multiple watches. Currently, other Apple devices and non-Apple smartphones are not supported.

What does the Apple Watch do?

At a basic level, all Apple Watches can send and receive messages, answer calls, display notifications, and track fitness data. Newer models offer additional features like blood oxygen monitoring and international emergency calling.

Are older Apple Watch models still worth buying?

Yes, older Apple Watch models are still supported and offer excellent functionality. However, keep in mind that newer models are continuously released, so older models will eventually become outdated.

What features should I look for in the best Apple Watch models?

Some essential features to consider include health tracking capabilities, connectivity options (such as cellular or Wi-Fi), water resistance, battery life, and app availability.

Which Apple Watch model is best for fitness tracking?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the best choice for fitness tracking. With its comprehensive health tracking features, including ECG, sleep tracking, and activity tracking, it is perfect for fitness enthusiasts.

What is the difference between the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch Series 8 features a larger, always-on display, faster charging, and new health features compared to the Series 7.

Is the Apple Watch Ultra worth the extra cost for outdoor enthusiasts?

If you spend a lot of time in rugged outdoor conditions, the Apple Watch Ultra is worth the extra cost. Designed to withstand extreme environments, it offers specialized fitness tracking capabilities and enhanced durability.

Is the Apple Watch SE a good option for budget-conscious buyers?

Absolutely! The Apple Watch SE is an excellent choice for buyers on a budget. Despite its lower price tag, it still offers impressive fitness tracking and communication features.

Are there alternative Apple Watch models worth considering?

If none of the watches mentioned above excite you, you can either wait for this year’s new product announcement from Apple or consider older generations of the Apple Watch that we didn’t include in our list.

In conclusion, the best Apple Watch model for you depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you choose the Apple Watch Series 8 for its comprehensive features, the Apple Watch Ultra for extreme outdoor activities, the Apple Watch SE for budget-friendliness, or the Apple Watch Hermès for its luxurious fashion appeal, there is a model that suits your requirements perfectly.