Ordinary backpacks with mind-blowing tech inside.

Ordinary backpacks with mind-blowing tech inside.

Apple Find My-enabled Backpacks: The Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

I can think of a lot of things in my life that I wish were as easy to track down as a pair of AirPods or an Apple Watch using Apple’s Find My app. Of course, that’s why Apple made AirTags. But now, the tech that’s in AirTags is getting built into a bunch of different kinds of products. One of the most useful is backpacks.

Introducing the HyperPack Pro and Targus Cypress Hero

The two backpacks I tested, the HyperPack Pro and the Targus Cypress Hero, have incorporated Apple Find My trackers into their design. These backpacks are not only stylish but also offer a range of features that cater to different customer needs.

The HyperPack Pro is packed with features that will appeal to tech enthusiasts and creatives carrying a lot of gear. On the other hand, the Targus Cypress Hero is an eco-conscious design made from fabric consisting of 26 recycled water bottles, specializing in comfort, sturdiness, and practicality.

Both backpacks come at a premium retail price ($200 for the HyperPack Pro and $150 for the Cypress Hero), but given the frequent use of backpacks and the valuable gear they carry, investing in a high-quality bag that lasts and offers added tracking capabilities makes sense.

How the Built-in Apple Tracker Works

Both the Targus and Hyper bags are part of the official Find My network accessory program, allowing third-party products to utilize the Apple Find My app and network. This network utilizes Bluetooth connectivity on nearby Apple devices to create an anonymous, end-to-end encrypted network that helps locate lost items.

The Targus and Hyper bags have a built-in hard plastic square with a watch battery that acts as the tracker. While they lack the Precision Finding technology available in AirTags, which displays an arrow pointing towards the lost item’s location, they do provide basic finding features that indicate the proximity of the bag.

The HyperPack Pro: A Tech Enthusiast’s Dream

If you’re a tech enthusiast seeking extra protection for your gear and the convenience of easily charging multiple devices, the HyperPack Pro is the backpack for you. It boasts features like an integrated Apple Find My tracker, pass-through charging cable access to all main pockets, a dedicated iPhone charging pocket for MagSafe chargers, RFID anti-theft security pocket, and more.

One standout feature is the suspended, cushioned pocket designed to protect larger laptops in case of accidental drops. The bag also incorporates interlocking zipper security straps to deter potential thieves. With its heavy-duty, water-resistant zippers and weather-resistant Cordura Nylon fabric, this backpack ensures durability and protection for your gear.

The pass-through power cable design allows you to connect a high-powered battery pack, such as Hyper’s HyperJuice 245W Battery Pack, and charge your MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and AirPods simultaneously. This backpack is primarily aimed at Apple users, with its built-in Apple Find My tracker and dedicated MagSafe pouch. Android users might not be able to fully utilize its flagship features.

While the HyperPack Pro offers an array of innovative and high-tech features, its straps are lacking in comfort compared to the well-cushioned straps of the Targus Cypress Hero. To address this issue, additional strap pads can be purchased. Despite this minor drawback, users seeking a smart, secure, and Apple-centric backpack will find it hard to beat the HyperPack Pro.

The Targus Cypress Hero: Eco-friendly Practicality

The Targus Cypress Hero, while lacking the flashy tech-forward design of the HyperPack Pro, offers a thoughtful, practical solution for eco-conscious buyers. Made from sustainable materials using recycled water bottles, this backpack is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and features an ergonomic design with breathable foam padding.

With its dedicated laptop compartment, well-organized pockets and compartments, and a structure that allows the bag to stand upright on its own, the Targus Cypress Hero is designed with functionality in mind. It provides ample space for laptops up to 16 inches, professional camera equipment, and even a change of clothes.

The Targus Cypress Hero also complements other eco-friendly products in the Targus EcoSmart line. The material used in this backpack feels surprisingly soft and high-quality, belying its origins from recycled water bottles.

While the Targus Cypress Hero lacks the suspended cushioning for laptops found in the HyperPack Pro and is not as water-resistant, its overall design and comfort make it a top choice for those looking for a sturdy and practical backpack that aligns with eco-friendly values.

Choosing the Right Backpack for You

In terms of the choice between the HyperPack Pro and the Targus Cypress Hero, both have their merits. The HyperPack Pro excels in innovation, security features, and compatibility with Apple products. On the other hand, the Targus Cypress Hero stands out for its comfort, balanced design, and well-thought-out pocket and compartment placement.

For those heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem and in need of a bag to carry a multitude of devices and tech gear, the HyperPack Pro is an excellent option. Adding strap pads can enhance comfort during extended wear. However, if you prioritize a sturdy, practical backpack that is eco-friendly and trackable through the Apple Find My network, the Targus Cypress Hero is sure to impress. Additionally, Android users can opt for the non-Find-My version of the Cypress Hero at a lower price.

Both backpacks are likely to be discounted during various shopping seasons, so keep an eye out for deals. Currently, the HyperPack Pro is available at a $40 discount when purchased directly from the company’s website, while Targus is offering a 20% off deal for back-to-school purchases made through its website.

Investing in a high-quality backpack that combines style, functionality, and added tracking capabilities is a smart choice. Explore the HyperPack Pro and Targus Cypress Hero to find the perfect fit for your needs and embark on your next adventure with confidence and convenience.