Open RAR Files on Windows or Mac | ENBLE

Open RAR Files on Windows or Mac | ENBLE

How to Open RAR Files: A Step-by-Step Guide for Windows and macOS Users

Are you often left scratching your head when you come across those pesky RAR files that your Windows computer just won’t open? Well, fear not! In this article, we will guide you through the process of opening RAR files on both Windows and macOS, ensuring that you never feel left out in the cold again.

The Need for a Dedicated Application

Unlike zip files, which Windows natively supports, RAR files require a dedicated application to be opened. But don’t worry, we have handpicked the best options for you: 7-Zip for Windows and The Unarchiver for macOS. These applications are user-friendly, efficient, and will make opening RAR files a breeze.

Opening RAR Files on Windows using 7-Zip

  1. Step 1: Start by downloading 7-Zip from the official website. If you’re running the latest version of Windows 10 or 11, make sure to download the appropriate 64-bit version. Once downloaded, run the installer and choose your desired destination folder for the utility. Click ‘Install’ to proceed, and when the installation is complete, launch the program.
7-Zip Installation
  1. Step 2: Locate the RAR file you want to open in Windows File Explorer. Right-click the file and select ‘Open With’ > ‘7-Zip’ from the context menu.
Opening RAR Files with 7-Zip
  1. Step 3: Now that the RAR file is open in 7-Zip, you have a range of options. You can access individual files within the RAR archive by double-clicking them. To extract the files and make them easily accessible in the future, click the ‘Extract’ button and select a save location. The RAR file will be extracted, leaving all its components files and folders accessible through Windows File Explorer.
Extracting Files with 7-Zip

Unpacking RAR Files on macOS using The Unarchiver

Unarchiver is the go-to tool for macOS users who need to unpack various file formats, including RAR files. Follow these simple steps to open RAR files on your Mac:

  1. Step 1: Download The Unarchiver from the official site or the App Store. After downloading, extract the file and launch the program.

  2. Step 2: Once The Unarchiver is open, ensure that the box beside “RAR Archive” is checked, along with any other archive types you wish to open with the application. Click on the “Extraction” tab at the top of the window and select your desired save location for the extracted file. Control-click the RAR file you want to open and choose The Unarchiver from the “Open With” menu.

Configuring The Unarchiver
  1. Step 3: The Unarchiver will automatically create and save a file with the same name as the RAR file in the specified location. Simply double-click the RAR file, and it will open in the appropriate program.


Opening RAR files may seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools, it becomes a simple and straightforward task. Whether you’re using Windows or macOS, 7-Zip and The Unarchiver provide reliable solutions for accessing RAR files without any hassle. So, go ahead and give them a try. Who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying the process of opening those mysterious RAR archives!