Only 18% of Americans have used ChatGPT, per Pew Research.

Only 18% of Americans have used ChatGPT, per Pew Research.

Most Americans Have Yet to Try ChatGPT, According to Pew Research Center Study

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If you’re a user of ChatGPT, you’re likely impressed by its capabilities and may assume that most people use it too. However, a recent study by the Pew Research Center has revealed that the majority of Americans have yet to try ChatGPT.

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey with 5,057 panelists from July 17 to July 23 to gain insights into ChatGPT usage in the United States. The study found that out of the respondents who had heard of ChatGPT, only 24% claimed to have used it. This amounts to just 18% of all US adults.

Interestingly, age and education were significant factors in determining ChatGPT usage among US adults. Younger individuals were found to be more likely to have used the technology, with 41% of people aged 18-29 reporting usage compared to only 5% of those aged 65 and older.

This trend aligns with the general inclination of younger generations to adopt new technologies. As many of them are still in school, they can benefit from leveraging generative AI like ChatGPT for research, essay writing, coding assistance, math help, and more.

Moreover, the level of education also influenced the likelihood of using ChatGPT. The study revealed that 32% of adults with a college degree or higher had used ChatGPT.

Although one might expect ChatGPT to be primarily used for learning or work-related tasks, the survey revealed that entertainment was the primary use case among American adults. One in five adults who had heard of ChatGPT reported using it for entertainment purposes. Learning closely followed, with 19% of respondents using it for educational purposes. Surprisingly, only 16% of employed and aware respondents reported using ChatGPT for work-related tasks.

Part of the reason behind the popularity of ChatGPT for entertainment purposes could be its tendency to generate outlandish answers due to hallucinations and occasional mistakes. Users can also engage with ChatGPT by playing basic games like Tic-Tac-Toe or simply engaging in chat conversations.

Additionally, the survey found that only 19% of employed US adults, spanning various industries, believed that ChatGPT would have a major impact on their jobs.

Despite the impressive capabilities of ChatGPT, it seems that many Americans have yet to discover and explore its potential. Given its popularity among younger users and the wide range of applications it offers, further adoption of ChatGPT among the general population may continue to grow in the future.

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