OnePlus’s upcoming Android tablet is called OnePlus Pad Go.

OnePlus's upcoming Android tablet is called OnePlus Pad Go.

OnePlus Pad Go: A Budget Tablet with High-Quality Features

OnePlus Pad Go OnePlus Pad Go

OnePlus, known for its fast and affordable smartphones, has been steadily expanding its product portfolio. Following the success of OnePlus phones and earbuds, the company has now set its sights on the tablet market. OnePlus introduced the OnePlus Pad in April, offering a sleek tablet with a high-resolution 144Hz screen and a top-tier processor at a price lower than Apple’s entry-level iPad. Now, OnePlus is further expanding its tablet lineup with the OnePlus Pad Go, targeting the budget segment.

Aesthetics and Design

OnePlus Pad OnePlus Pad

The OnePlus Pad Go maintains the signature OnePlus design language with its sleek and curved profile in a lighter shade of green. With its ergonomic curved sides, it offers a comfortable grip, eliminating any worries about sharp edges digging into your palms. The tablet also features thin bezels and a subtle wraparound effect where the glass meets the frame. Interestingly, the back of the OnePlus Pad Go adopts a two-tone look with a thick strip running horizontally alongside the top edge. Overall, OnePlus maintains its commitment to delivering a polished and unique aesthetic.

Superb Display

Kinder Liu OnePlus President and COO, Kinder Liu

Despite being a budget tablet, OnePlus has not compromised on the most important aspect of the tablet experience—the display. Kinder Liu, OnePlus’ COO and President, reveals that the OnePlus Pad Go will feature a 2.4K display. In technical terms, a 2K panel offers a resolution of 2000 pixels on the wider edge. For reference, the OnePlus Pad offers a screen resolution of 2800 x 2000 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of 296ppi on its 11.6-inch screen. This is a higher resolution than the 11-inch iPad Pro, which offers a 120Hz panel with a resolution of 2388 x 1668 pixels. The OnePlus Pad Go follows in the footsteps of its premium sibling and even adopts the desirable 7:5 aspect ratio.

Mid-Tier Entertainment Powerhouse

Liu describes the OnePlus Pad Go as a “mid-tier entertainment tablet” that delivers outstanding visual quality without breaking the bank. The tablet’s pixel-dense screen is complemented by TÜV Rheinland certification for eye care, protecting users’ eyes from harmful rays emitted by the LCD panel. Additionally, the OnePlus Pad Go features Dolby Atmos for high-fidelity audio output, ensuring an immersive multimedia experience.

Seamless Integration with OnePlus Ecosystem

OnePlus aims to provide a seamless cross-device experience by integrating its tablets with its smartphones and other devices. The OnePlus Pad Go introduces the Content Sync feature, allowing OnePlus smartphone users to easily access their media and share a synced clipboard with the tablet. This multimedia transfer is effortless—simply utilize a drag-and-drop gesture without requiring any account login. OnePlus is also addressing the hassle of data hotspots with a networking tool that enables data sharing between its phones and tablets natively. Other features include notification syncing, screen mirroring, and the ability to handle calls across devices. OnePlus envisions establishing a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of its consumer base.

The Future of Tablets and OnePlus’ Commitment

OnePlus Pad Gaming Responsive gaming on OnePlus Pad

The future of tablets has been uncertain, with Google’s inconsistent interest in large-screen devices. However, OnePlus is committed to long-term investment in the tablet market. Liu states, “We are committed to the ongoing development and expansion of both these product lines to effectively cater to the diverse needs of our ever-expanding consumer base in the near future.”

OnePlus’ focus on cross-device interaction mirrors Apple’s strategy, which has made its ecosystem so appealing. Liu expresses his hope that OnePlus, with its expanding device portfolio, will delve deeper into this aspect of software-hardware harmony. Moreover, OnePlus is also optimizing other categories, such as its smartwatches, to deliver a more integrated experience to its users.

What’s Next

At present, OnePlus has not announced a specific launch date for the OnePlus Pad Go. However, the company has an exciting road ahead. In addition to the new tablet, OnePlus is gearing up to launch its first foldable phone later this year. As tech enthusiasts, we eagerly await the opportunity to experience OnePlus’ fresh hardware and share our insights with you.