OnePlus has important news for September 25, but it’s not about a folding phone.

OnePlus has important news for September 25, but it's not about a folding phone.

OnePlus Announces OxygenOS 14 Release Date, Teasing New Features

OnePlus 11 Marble Odyssey Edition Nadeem Sarwar / ENBLE

In recent days, the tech world has been buzzing with excitement over the upcoming launches of new iPhones, Google’s Pixel 8 series, and the highly anticipated foldable phones. Adding to the mix, OnePlus made a major announcement that may not be hardware-related, but is still noteworthy. On September 25th, OnePlus will release OxygenOS 14, which will be based on Android 14. Alongside this release, supported Google Pixel phones and possibly select Samsung phones will also receive the stable build of Android 14.

Before the official release, OnePlus will begin public testing of Android 14 on its OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R, and OnePlus Nord 3 models. The company has been fine-tuning OxygenOS 14 during a closed beta program and will soon launch the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta program in preparation for the stable release. However, OnePlus isn’t the only one soak-testing Android 14 before its wide release. Google has already released multiple public beta builds of Android 14 for Pixel phones, and Samsung has started testing One UI 6 based on Android 14 for select high-end Galaxy phones.

What’s New in OxygenOS 14

OnePlus 11 Screen Curve Andy Boxall / ENBLE

While OnePlus hasn’t provided a detailed list of all the granular changes in OxygenOS 14, the company’s focus is clearly on achieving high performance without compromising energy efficiency. To achieve this goal, OnePlus is introducing the “Trinity Engine,” a proprietary fusion of hardware and software resources aimed at optimizing performance.

Although OnePlus has listed six areas of improvement, including CPU Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, ROM Vitalization, HyperBoost, HyperTouch, and HyperRendering, they haven’t released official explanations for each one. From the provided information, we can speculate that RAM Vitalization will prioritize freeing up memory resources and ensuring smooth multitasking without aggressive background killing. Additionally, HyperRendering is likely aimed at enhancing the visual experience, particularly for activities like gaming and video watching. It will be fascinating to see how OnePlus adapts the changes in Android 14 and integrates them into OxygenOS 14.

Where’s the OnePlus Open?

OnePlus Open OnePlus Open render SmartPrix

While Android 14 aims to redefine the user interface experience on foldable phones and tablets, utilizing the larger screen real estate to improve app scaling and adapt the UI, OnePlus seems to be working on a foldable phone of its own. The OnePlus Fold, or as it is being referred to in rumors, the OnePlus Open, has been teased by the company and is expected to launch later this year. Purported renders of the device show a design inspired by the Google Pixel Fold and the Oppo Find N2, featuring a signature circular camera hump and a leather-finished rear panel. However, the OnePlus Open is conspicuously absent from the September 25th launch of OxygenOS 14.

As an avid tech enthusiast, I am eagerly looking forward to the launch of OxygenOS 14 and the OnePlus Open. Once the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta program kicks off, I will be among the first to experiment with the new software and share my findings as we approach the wider stable release. The future looks promising for OnePlus and Android users alike as they continue to push the boundaries of technology and create innovative experiences.