NordVPN and Microsoft 365 for only $40 now

NordVPN and Microsoft 365 for only $40 now

Newegg’s College Techsentials Sale: Tech Deals for Students

Newegg College Techsentials Sale

Are you a student looking to upgrade your tech gear for the upcoming school year? Look no further than Newegg’s College Techsentials sale! This exciting sale offers discounts on desktops, laptops, and everything else you need for class, as well as some fun dorm entertainment gear. And here’s the best part – you can save $100 by bundling a Microsoft 365 Personal license and a 12-month subscription of NordVPN.

Microsoft 365 Personal/NordVPN Bundle – Save $100!

Microsoft 365 Personal/NordVPN

For only $40 at Newegg, you can get a bundle that includes a Microsoft 365 Personal license and a 12-month subscription to NordVPN. Let’s take a closer look at what these two products offer and why they are valuable additions to any student’s tech arsenal.

NordVPN – Protect Your Online Activities

NordVPN is a security software that allows you to browse the internet with confidence. By hiding your internet activity, including browsing history, password entries, and personal or payment information, NordVPN makes it harder for hackers to access and misuse your sensitive data. Additionally, NordVPN blocks intrusive advertisements, giving you a more focused and uninterrupted browsing experience.

But NordVPN’s benefits don’t stop there. It also allows you to access region-locked sites and entertainment by setting your “home” server to whitelisted countries. This means you can watch that unavailable Netflix show or access other region-specific content with ease.

Review: NordVPN Delivers Consistent Speed and Performance

Wondering if NordVPN lives up to its promises? According to reviews from satisfied users, NordVPN delivers consistent speed and performance. This means you can enjoy fast and secure internet connections while protecting your privacy.

Microsoft 365 Personal – The Ultimate Office Suite

Now, let’s move on to the Microsoft 365 Personal license. This bundle includes popular software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Outlook. With Microsoft 365, you can download and use these applications on up to 5 devices, making it easy to switch between projects or transfer files seamlessly.

Compatibility is not an issue with Microsoft 365, as it works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. This versatility ensures that you can access your files and collaborate with others regardless of the device or operating system you prefer.

The only drawback of the Microsoft 365 Personal license is that it requires a yearly renewal. However, there’s good news for college students – Microsoft offers discounts on renewals and new licenses. Simply verify your enrollment status with your university email to save 50% on renewals or new licenses.

If you prefer a one-time payment option, Newegg also offers a deal on the lifetime license for Microsoft 365. However, please note that this lifetime license is only valid for use on a single device.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with the Bundle

By bundling the Microsoft 365 Personal license with a 12-month subscription to NordVPN, you not only save $100 but also gain the best of both worlds in terms of productivity and online security. Whether you’re writing papers, creating presentations, or conducting research, Microsoft 365 provides you with the essential tools to excel academically. Meanwhile, NordVPN protects your online activities and ensures a safer browsing experience.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal during Newegg’s College Techsentials sale. Upgrade your tech gear for the upcoming school year and save money while doing so.