NordicNinja raises €200M fund for climate and deep tech startups

NordicNinja raises €200M fund for climate and deep tech startups

NordicNinja Raises €200mn Fund for Climate and Deep Tech Startups

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NordicNinja, the largest Japanese venture capital firm in Europe, has recently announced the successful raising of a fresh fund worth €200mn. The fund will be dedicated to supporting early-stage startups working in the fields of climate and deep tech, with a particular focus on the intersection between sustainability and digitalization. This exciting development not only brings new opportunities for innovative companies but also highlights the growing importance of sustainability in the tech industry.

Founded in 2019, NordicNinja is led by a team of experienced founders, engineers, and operators turned investors from both Northern Europe and Japan. Initially focused on the Nordics and the Baltics, the VC firm has now expanded its reach to include the UK, Ireland, and BeNeLux countries. Located in Helsinki, NordicNinja’s headquarters serve as the hub for their activities.

In addition to the funding provided, startups selected by NordicNinja will also gain access to a network of over 120 blue chip Japanese corporations. This invaluable support system will help fuel the growth and development of these startups by providing them with valuable resources, connections, and expertise.

NordicNinja’s previous €110mn fund was invested in a total of 20 companies, three of which have already achieved unicorn status. These include Sweden-based Einride and Voi, as well as Estonian company Bolt. The range of technologies funded by the VC covers a wide spectrum, from self-driving electric trucks and climate action toolkits for cities, to AI identity verification and mixed reality headsets for astronauts. This diverse portfolio reflects NordicNinja’s commitment to supporting startups that are driving sustainability and digital transformation forward.

The second fund, backed by investors such as Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC), Honda, Omron, BaltCap, and Swedbank pension funds, will continue to target climate and deep tech startups. By supporting founders who are passionate about sustainability and digital innovation, NordicNinja aims to create a positive impact on both the environment and society as a whole.

Tomosaku Sohara, Managing Partner at NordicNinja, emphasizes the shared values and goals of Japan and Europe in the context of innovation and environmental stewardship. He believes that NordicNinja serves as a bridge between these two regions, harnessing their collective strengths and interests for the benefit of all.

“Thousands of kilometers apart, Japan and Europe have much in common. Both have company-building legacies, an appetite for innovation, and an understanding of the need to take care of the planet,” Sohara explains. “NordicNinja is a bridge that turns these shared interests into common goals, bringing two of the world’s biggest ecosystems together for the benefit of us all.”

With the infusion of this new fund, NordicNinja is poised to further accelerate the growth and success of startups in the climate and deep tech sectors. The collaboration between Japanese corporations and innovative European companies will undoubtedly lead to groundbreaking advancements and solutions that address the urgent challenges of sustainability and digitalization. As NordicNinja continues to serve as a catalyst for positive change, the future of technology and its impact on the planet looks brighter than ever before.