Nomad introduces updated ChargeKey with Lightning and USB-C options.

Nomad introduces updated ChargeKey with Lightning and USB-C options.

Nomad Introduces the Updated ChargeKey: The Pocketable Charger That Packs a Punch

Image Source: MacRumors

Popular accessory maker Nomad is back in the spotlight with the reintroduction of the ChargeKey – a classic Nomad product that has been given a fresh makeover while maintaining its renowned quality and performance. This pocketable charger, redesigned to meet the 2023 performance standards, is set to become a must-have for tech enthusiasts on the go.

One of Nomad’s first products when it launched back in 2013, the ChargeKey quickly gained popularity for its compact size and convenience. Its previous iteration came with Lightning and microUSB connectors, but the updated version now offers USB-C connectivity, keeping up with the latest industry standards.

The ChargeKey is ingeniously designed to attach to a keychain, making it easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it. The charger features magnetic tips that securely connect to one another when not in use, ensuring that it stays compact and tangle-free. When you require a charging cable, simply unfold the two halves to reveal a durable, braided design that stretches up to 12cm in length. When folded, the ChargeKey measures a mere 7.6cm, making it an incredibly portable accessory.

But the real beauty of the ChargeKey lies in its versatility. Nomad offers two variants of the ChargeKey to cater to different charging needs. The USB-C version comes with two USB-C connectors, allowing you to charge an iPad, Mac, or future USB-C iPhone with a USB-C power adapter. On the other hand, the Lightning version includes a Lightning connector for your iPhone, while a USB-C end connects to a computer or power adapter. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various devices in your tech ecosystem, adding further convenience to your charging experience.

What truly sets the ChargeKey apart from other portable chargers is its fast-charging capabilities. Equipped with appropriate power adapters, the ChargeKey can deliver fast-charging speeds of up to 20W for your iPhone. This means you can power up your device in no time, ensuring you stay connected and ready to capture life’s precious moments.

In terms of durability, Nomad has built the ChargeKey to withstand daily wear and tear. The braided cable design not only adds a touch of style but also reinforces the charger, making it resistant to the rigors of daily use. Whether it’s being tossed into bags, pockets, or even accidentally stepped on, the ChargeKey is designed to withstand the abuse and keep charging your devices without missing a beat.

Nomad understands the importance of providing quality products, and to ensure that customers get the best value, the ChargeKey is reasonably priced. The Lightning ChargeKey is available for $35, while the USB-C version comes in at $25. Considering its dual functionality, portability, and durability, the ChargeKey is an investment well worth making for anyone constantly on the move or in need of a reliable charging solution.

In conclusion, Nomad has once again impressed us with the reintroduction of the updated ChargeKey. This compact and versatile charger not only packs a punch in terms of charging capabilities but also embodies Nomad’s commitment to quality and innovation. With its sleek design, fast charging speeds, and durability, the ChargeKey is set to become an indispensable accessory for tech enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on performance, convenience, and style.

So why settle for anything less when you can have a charger that combines functionality and elegance in a single keychain accessory? Upgrade your charging game with the Nomad ChargeKey and never be caught with a dead battery again.

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