New note-taking app allows self-DMing.

New note-taking app allows self-DMing.

Sending Yourself a Text: The Ultimate Life Hack


Sending yourself a text could be the ultimate life hack. It may sound out of the ordinary but DMing yourself is both an organizational tip and a way to keep a digital log of anything from creative ideas to constructive plans. Imagine having a convenient, practical, and helpful way to collect and save information all in one place. That’s where Qept, the new app, comes into play.

Qept is an iOS app that launched in August, designed to help you take notes and jot down ideas as if you’re texting yourself. Created by Dutch developer Willem de Beijer, Qept focuses on organization and simplicity. While there are many note-taking apps available, Qept stands out because it reads just like a text chain, adding a touch of familiarity and ease to the experience.

So, how does Qept work? It’s quite simple. As soon as you have something to jot down, just type out your thoughts in the text box and press “Send”. The app allows you to filter messages by topic, and there’s even an option to create a to-do checklist. Each text appears in a timeline under the “Home” button, ensuring that your notes are easily accessible and organized.

Why choose Qept over other popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp or social media apps? Qept addresses the limitations of traditional note-taking apps and the possibility of losing thoughts in a sea of notes. The company emphasizes that while many people resort to texting apps to capture thoughts, these apps provide limited note-taking features. Qept aims to combine the simplicity of a texting app with the power of a note-taking tool, offering the best of both worlds.

Currently, the app is free to use, but if you want to add more than three topics, there is a subscription fee of $7.99 per month. However, this fee seems justified considering Qept’s commitment to expanding its features. According to ENBLE, de Beijer has plans to implement bulk edits and note search functionality. Additionally, a Mac version of the app is expected to be launched in the coming year, further enhancing its usability and accessibility.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information and ideas, it’s important to have a reliable tool to capture and organize our thoughts. Qept provides a refreshing and user-friendly alternative to traditional note-taking apps. It offers a seamless experience that mimics texting, making it feel like you’re simply chatting with yourself while keeping a digital log of important information.

So, if you’re tired of cluttered note apps or struggling to find a specific idea you once jotted down, give Qept a try. With its intuitive interface, organizational features, and plans for further improvements, Qept is poised to become the go-to app for keeping your thoughts in check and your creativity flowing. Start sliding into your own DMs today and unlock the power of an app designed to simplify your digital note-taking experience.