New iPhone 15? Try these USB-C accessories!

New iPhone 15? Try these USB-C accessories!

Top Must-Have Accessories for Your New iPhone 15


The new iPhone 15 line has finally arrived, and it comes with a big change: the Lightning port, which has been a standard feature on iPhones since 2012, has been replaced by a USB-C port. While this change may require some preparation for those of us with a collection of Lightning cables, the switch to USB-C brings a lot of benefits. Fear not, we have compiled a list of must-have accessories for your new iPhone 15 to help you navigate this transition with ease.

Fast-charge your iPhone with Anker 323 2-Port Charger


The iPhone 15 line is the first to feature USB-C ports on the phone itself. Although Apple has been providing USB-C cables with the power source end for the past couple of years, you may still have an older wall adapter with a rectangular USB-A port. While it can work with the addition of some cheap dongles, it might result in slower charging speeds. For the best experience, it is recommended to invest in a wall adapter with native USB-C ports, providing at least 20W of power or more. At just under $20, the Anker 323 2-Port Charger is an excellent option. This charger offers a maximum of 33W of power and includes both USB-C and USB-A ports, providing maximum flexibility. With this charger, we were able to charge an iPhone 14 Pro from zero to 57% within just 30 minutes. It should have no problem delivering fast charging to the iPhone 15 series.

Get Extra USB-C Cables with Anker 333 USB-C Cables


Although the iPhone 15 line comes with a 1-meter (3.3-foot) Apple USB-C cable in the box, having some extra cables in different locations is always convenient. Most recent generic USB-C cables should suffice, but we highly recommend the Anker 333 USB-C Cables. These cables are braided for high durability and rated for up to 100W of charging power. With a two-pack of 6-foot cables for just $13, they are much more affordable than Apple’s own offerings. Instead of spending $19 on a 1-meter braided cable or $29 on a Lightning to USB-C adapter, go ahead and get these cables instead.

Plug USB-C Cords into Older USB-A Ports with Syntech USB-C Adapters


For those with older USB-A ports, you may need an adapter to connect USB-C cables. The Syntech USB-C Adapters are perfect for this task. These compact adapters allow you to plug a USB-C cable into a USB-A slot, enabling charging or data transfer. While they are not rated for high-speed USB 3.0 data transfer rates, they work perfectly fine for day-to-day usage. Keep them plugged into your PC or chargers, so you never lose them when you need them.

MagSafe-friendly Power Bank with Baseus Magnetic Power Bank


One of the great features of the iPhone 15 series is MagSafe charging. While Apple offers its own battery pack, the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank is a more affordable option. Priced at under $40 with an Amazon instant coupon, this magnetic battery pack offers more battery capacity than Apple’s version. It also features a built-in kickstand and comes in a variety of colors. Although it doesn’t charge the iPhone at full speed, it is a great alternative to Apple’s discontinued $95 battery pack. If you prefer a lighter option, consider the Anker 622 MagGo.

Enhance Mobile Gaming with the Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller


If you’re a mobile gamer, the Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller is a must-have accessory. Unlike strapping your phone to a full console controller, the Backbone One provides a more portable and compact solution. The controller wraps around your phone, placing the buttons on either side of the screen. With comfortable grips and the ability to charge your phone while playing with the USB-C pass-through feature, the Backbone One offers an exceptional gaming experience. You can choose between Xbox and PlayStation button layouts, with matching color schemes.

Explore Professional Photography with Feelworld FW568 V3 USB-C Field Monitor


The USB-C port on the iPhone 15 line opens up exciting possibilities for connecting professional equipment for photography and videography. If you’re interested in exploring this realm without breaking the bank, the Feelworld FW568 V3 USB-C Field Monitor is an excellent starting point. By connecting this field monitor to your phone via USB-C, you can access waveform readout and make adjustments without having to move your phone. This monitor offers a relatively inexpensive way to experiment with new photography techniques, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of iPhone photography.

Maximize Grip with PopSockets MagSafe Round


For those who love using PopSockets to enhance the grip of their phones, look no further than the new MagSafe Round. This PopSocket is packed with magnets, ensuring a secure connection to the back of your iPhone or any MagSafe-compatible case. If you have a case without MagSafe, worry not because the MagSafe Round comes with an adhesive ring of magnets that can be attached to the inside of your case. This ensures a sturdy connection between your PopSocket and your iPhone while still allowing for easy charging. With this accessory, you can personalize your iPhone and enjoy maximum gripability.

With these must-have accessories, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your new iPhone 15. Whether it’s fast charging, extra cables, gaming, photography, or simply enhancing your grip, these accessories provide the perfect complement to your latest Apple gadget. Embrace the world of USB-C and enjoy the countless possibilities it brings!