New Features in iOS 17 Maps

New Features in iOS 17 Maps

iOS 17 Maps App: A Revolutionary Upgrade

Apple is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation with the release of iOS 17, and one of the standout features of this update is the revamped Maps app. While the changes may not be as headline-grabbing as some other additions in previous updates, there is certainly one long-awaited function that users will be thrilled to see.

Say Goodbye to Connectivity Concerns with Offline Maps

One of the most significant updates in the iOS 17 Maps app is the ability to download maps and use them offline. This feature is a godsend for those moments when you find yourself in a remote area with no cellular or WiFi connection. With just a few taps, you can now save a specific area of a map directly to your device, granting you access to it even when you’re offline.

When saving a map for offline use, all the relevant information such as business hours and ratings is retained. Additionally, turn-by-turn directions are still available, making the Maps app fully functional even without a real-time traffic information feed. To download an offline map, simply search for a location in the Maps app, set a pin, and select the “Download” option. A user-friendly drag and drop interface allows you to choose the desired map coverage area.

Offline Maps in iOS 17

The flexibility of Apple’s offline maps is truly remarkable. You can download entire cities and their surrounding areas. Imagine being able to access a map of Los Angeles that extends all the way from Bakersfield to San Diego. Apple also provides the size of each downloaded map, which varies based on the area selected. Smaller areas may take up just around 200MB, while larger regions with numerous roads and businesses could require 3GB or more of storage space.

Downloadable Map Areas in iOS 17

Empowering the Electric Vehicle Community

For environmentally-conscious individuals who drive electric vehicles, Apple Maps has introduced a truly game-changing feature: real-time charging station availability. When plotting out a route, EV owners can now view charging stations along the way with live status updates. What’s more, users can filter the displayed charging stations based on their vehicle’s compatibility, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

Enhanced User Interface

Apple has also made some much-desired improvements to the user interface of the Maps app. When receiving turn-by-turn directions, the app now showcases tappable icons for driving, walking, transit, and other modes of transport, abandoning the previous dropdown menu approach. However, the arrival time and avoidance preferences options remain conveniently located within the same dropdown menu, familiar to iOS 16 users.

Updated Interface in iOS 17 Maps

Voice Volume Customization

A small but impactful addition to the turn-by-turn directions interface is the introduction of a Voice Volume option. Now, with just a tap on the “^” button, users can adjust the volume of the spoken directions to suit their preferences. The available options include Softer, Normal, and Louder. This new volume adjustment feature joins the existing functionalities of Add Stop, Share ETA, and Report an Incident.

Voice Volume Adjustment in iOS 17 Maps App

Unlock the Full Potential of iOS 17 Maps

These are just a few of the exciting upgrades that await users in the iOS 17 Maps app. For a comprehensive overview of all the new features in this highly anticipated update, dive into our iOS 17 roundup. With each new iteration, Apple continues to refine its software, empowering users to navigate and explore the world with unparalleled convenience and style.