Motorola Razr Plus durability test is painful to watch.

Motorola Razr Plus durability test is painful to watch.

The Fragile Beauty of the Motorola Razr Plus: A Review

Motorola Razr Plus Image source: Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Motorola has recently launched its latest clamshell foldable phone, the Motorola Razr Plus, which has garnered well-deserved praise for its stunning design and a cover screen that takes up almost half of the rear panel. Having had the opportunity to spend some time with the phone, I must say that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 will have a tough time surpassing this one.

However, despite all the accolades, it seems that the Razr Plus’ key selling point could also be its Achilles heel. In a stress and bend test conducted by Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything, the Razr Plus failed unexpectedly.

During the test, while applying pressure on the rear side of the phone to check the strength of the hinge, the lower edge of the cover display broke in a rather awkward manner. First, the screen shattered, and then the glass assembly appeared to cave inside.

Even Nelson himself expressed surprise, stating, “Never have we ever been able to break a screen with a single finger.” However, it appears that the cover screen’s fragility is not solely due to the structural integrity of the glass, but rather the gap underneath.

Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that the area above the hinge is hollow, which means that putting pressure on the cover display can lead to screen damage, as there is no solid support beneath it. Therefore, it is advisable not to put the phone in the back pocket of your denim jeans, and to be cautious when placing heavy objects on top of it.

Interestingly, unlike other foldable phones such as the Google Pixel Fold, which have shown signs of damage to their frames and hinge mechanisms, the Motorola Razr Plus did not exhibit any similar issues. There was no permanent damage recorded when the phone was bent in the reverse direction, and the flexible OLED screen remained intact.

JerryRigEverything Test Image source: JerryRigEverything / YouTube

It is quite paradoxical that the cover display, which Motorola markets as the standout feature of the Razr Plus, is also the part that is unexpectedly fragile. Despite this, the rest of the phone seems to be built solidly.

Motorola informed ENBLE in an email interview that the Razr Plus is equipped with an optimized inner structure and a stronger housing design. It also boasts the industry’s first dual-axis tracking in the teardrop hinge. Compared to previous-generation Razr foldable phones, this new model can withstand 400,000 folding cycles, which is twice as many as its predecessors.

Overall, the Motorola Razr Plus is an impressive phone. If you want to see all the amazing things that the cover screen can do, ENBLE’s Prakhar Khanna had some fun exploring its capabilities. It truly is a great device, as long as you don’t accidentally shatter the cover screen like what happened in the stress test conducted by JerryRigEverything.

In conclusion, while the Motorola Razr Plus may have a unique and breathtaking design, it also comes with a fragile cover display. However, if users handle the phone with care and avoid putting excessive pressure on the cover screen, it proves to be a solid option in the world of foldable smartphones.