Meta’s Threads website is live for all

Meta's Threads website is live for all

Threads Website is Now Live for Everyone: A New Chapter for Meta’s Social Network

Threads Website

After months of anticipation, Meta’s social network, Threads, has finally launched its website. Previously accessible only as a mobile app, Threads users can now access the platform from any computer or desktop browser. This development comes as welcome news for users who have been requesting a working website since the app’s initial release in July.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a post on Threads, hinting at the upcoming launch of the website. With the official release now confirmed, users can sign in with their account credentials and enjoy a range of features previously available only on the mobile app.

The Journey to a Full Website

Bringing Threads to desktop browsers has been a highly anticipated move by users. The original website only allowed reading posts, limiting users to one account at a time. This made the experience somewhat clumsy and inconvenient compared to other social networks with fully accessible websites.

Despite its initial success, Threads experienced a decline in both user numbers and engagement over time. Sensor Tower reported a 70% decrease in active daily users as of July 26, and Similarweb noted a 79% drop in user volume from July 7 to August 7. The average daily time spent on Threads also decreased from around 14 minutes to just three minutes.

A New Chapter for Threads

With the launch of the website, Threads hopes to revitalize its user base and bring back those who may have drifted away. For many individuals who spend long hours in front of their PCs, the convenience of a fully accessible website holds great appeal. The ability to easily access news feeds, respond to posts, and create new ones from a computer may entice users to spend more time on the platform.

To use the new Threads website, simply sign in with your Threads/Instagram username and password. Upon signing in, your news feed will display posts from accounts you follow as well as those recommended for you. To view posts exclusively from accounts you follow, click the “For You” button and it will switch to “Following.”

In addition to browsing the news feed, users can engage with posts through likes, comments, reposts, and sharing via links or embedded codes. Creating and submitting posts is also possible, with options to attach images or paste links. Users can track accounts that follow them and have liked their posts. While the ability to search for posts is still in development, a search tool exists to find accounts based on keywords and terms.

The account screen allows users to view their profile photo, bio, and activity, including created, responded to, or reposted posts. However, making changes to the profile photo or bio still requires the mobile app. The website also offers a dark and light mode switch, access to Meta’s terms and policies, the ability to report issues, and an option to sign out.

The Road Ahead

While the website now offers a range of features, certain functionalities are still exclusive to the mobile apps. However, Meta has assured users that the Threads team is actively working on bringing the website up to par with the mobile app. In the coming weeks, the site will receive additional updates and functionality.

Looking ahead, Threads has an exciting roadmap for further enhancements. Users have expressed their desire for a search feature, a hashtag method, an edit button, and support for tablet devices such as the iPad. As Threads evolves and continues to listen to user feedback, it aims to create a more inclusive and engaging social networking experience.

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In conclusion, the full availability of the Threads website marks a significant milestone for Meta’s social network. Users can now enjoy a more seamless experience on their desktops and laptops, bringing convenience and accessibility to a wider audience. With the promise of continued improvements and new features on the horizon, Threads is determined to recapture the attention and engagement of its users, fostering a vibrant and thriving community.