Locked Folder’ added to Google Photos for iOS for sensitive photos.

Locked Folder' added to Google Photos for iOS for sensitive photos.

Google Photos Introduces Locked Folder for iPhone Users


Google Photos has introduced a new feature for iPhone users that allows them to lock sensitive images and videos in a passcode-protected folder. Previously only available on Android phones, the privacy-oriented Locked Folder feature is now accessible on iOS, providing users with an added layer of security for their most personal moments.

The Locked Folder feature provides users with the ability to save photos and videos in a separate space within the app that requires Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode to access. This means that sensitive media remains hidden and won’t appear as users scroll through their Google Photos or any other apps on their device.

Google has reassured users that content saved in the Locked Folder and backed up to the cloud is kept secure with multiple layers of encryption technology like HTTPS and encryption at rest. This ensures that sensitive content remains private even when stored remotely.

However, Google understands that some users may prefer not to store sensitive content on their servers. Thus, they have provided an option for users to store photos exclusively in the Locked Folder on their device, if they so choose.


Google prides itself on offering a photo and video backup service that acts as a safe home for life’s memories. They employ world-class security measures and encryption to protect users’ backed-up photos and shared content. However, it’s worth noting that even with these safeguards in place, Google faced a technical issue in 2020 that accidentally sent some users’ private videos to strangers. The incident prompted Google to contact approximately 100,000 users and notify them about the breach.

As part of the rollout, the settings screen in the Google Photos app is being updated to provide easier access to privacy, sharing, backup, notifications, and other options. This update aims to enhance the overall user experience and ensure that users have more control over their privacy settings within the app.

Google’s decision to bring the Locked Folder feature to iOS demonstrates their commitment to meeting the needs and preferences of their user base. By providing enhanced security and privacy features, Google aims to reassure users that their personal moments are well-protected and allow them to have peace of mind while using the Google Photos app.

In conclusion, Google Photos’ introduction of the Locked Folder feature for iPhone users is a significant step towards providing a secure and private experience within the app. With this new feature, users can now safeguard their sensitive images and videos behind an additional layer of protection, whether it’s on their device or in the cloud. Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance privacy settings and security measures reflect their commitment to creating a safe digital space for users to store and share their precious memories.