Lenovo’s new 14-inch gaming laptop outperforms the ROG G14 significantly.

Lenovo's new 14-inch gaming laptop outperforms the ROG G14 significantly.

Lenovo’s Legion Slim 5 14 Gen 8 – The New Champion in Display Technology


The gaming laptop market has seen fierce competition in recent years, with many contenders vying for the top spot. Among them, the ROG Zephyrus G14 has stood out as a fan-favorite 14-inch gaming laptop. However, Lenovo’s new Legion Slim 5 14 Gen 8 has one significant advantage over its competitors – its screen.

The eighth-generation Legion Slim 5 14 is receiving a major upgrade in its display technology, transitioning from a standard IPS panel to a 120Hz OLED panel. This move to OLED grants the laptop unbeatable contrast, thanks to its individually-lit pixels. With a peak brightness of 400 nits, the HDR performance in games is expected to look incredible.

While the latest version of the ROG Zephyrus G14 did receive an upgrade to mini-LED as an option, it is only available in the top-of-the-line configuration with the RTX 4090, which comes with a steep price tag of up to $3,300. In contrast, the Legion Slim 5 14 provides its premium OLED panel as standard, even in the base configuration. With a starting price of just $1,440, users can enjoy the breathtaking 14.5-inch, 2800 x 1600 resolution OLED display – a truly outstanding deal. Lenovo has been revolutionizing the market by making OLED panels more accessible in their recent offerings.

It’s worth noting that other similar laptops like the Razer Blade 14 and Alienware x14 don’t even offer upgrades to mini-LED or OLED as an option. Lenovo’s commitment to bringing innovative display technology to affordable laptops sets them apart in the marketplace.


Of course, a laptop’s screen is just one aspect to consider, and we can’t proclaim the Legion Slim 5 as the ultimate winner based solely on its display. While the spec sheet looks impressive, with options like an AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS processor, 64GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage, it falls slightly short in terms of graphics options, maxing out at the RTX 4060. The machine’s performance still needs to be tested firsthand to make a comprehensive assessment.

Additionally, when it comes to portability, the Legion Slim 5 is not as “slim” as its competitors. Measuring 0.82 inches in thickness and weighing 4.19 pounds, it is slightly bulkier compared to the ROG G14, which boasts a thickness of 0.77 inches and a weight of just 3.79 pounds.

To gain a full understanding of how it compares to its counterparts, we must await side-by-side testing. However, in terms of displays, there’s no doubt that the Legion Slim 5 14 Gen 8 seems to be at the top of the pack.

Lenovo has announced that the Legion Slim 5 Gen 8 is expected to be available for purchase starting in September 2023. With its impressive screen technology and competitive pricing, Lenovo’s Legion Slim 5 14 Gen 8 is poised to become the new champion in the gaming laptop market. Gamers and tech enthusiasts alike should keep an eye out for this exciting addition to Lenovo’s lineup, as it promises to deliver a visually stunning gaming experience at an affordable price.