KSI reveals low earnings from X monetization on YouTube

KSI reveals low earnings from X monetization on YouTube

Elon Musk’s X: The Platform for Creators


Elon Musk has always been known for his ambitious ideas and his desire to shape the future. This extends beyond the realms of electric vehicles and space travel, as Musk’s recent venture into social media platforms demonstrates. Musk is on a mission to transform X, formerly known as Twitter, into the “best platform for creators.” In pursuit of this goal, X has introduced several features, including a creator monetization program, which has caught the attention of many creators.

The monetization program has ignited excitement among creators, who see it as an opportunity to earn a living by simply posting on X. In fact, some users were thrilled to share their earnings from the program, with many screenshots showcasing thousands of dollars in earnings, and some even receiving tens of thousands of dollars. It seemed like a dream come true and prompted some users to consider signing up for X Premium, a subscription service priced at $8 per month, to become eligible for the program.

However, reality hits hard for those hoping to make a fortune solely through X’s monetization program. This became evident when YouTuber KSI, with over 24 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and millions of views on his X account, revealed his earnings from the platform over the past month – a meager $1,590. While some may argue that making any money at all from X is a positive outcome, when compared to earnings on other online platforms, it pales in comparison.

KSI’s revelation sheds light on an important question: Why does X pay so little to creators? The answer lies in the difference in advertising models and the cost of producing content. X primarily pays users for contextual ads that appear in the replies to their text-based or media-based content. Contextual advertising typically pays less than the video ads that form the basis of monetization on platforms like YouTube. Additionally, posting a tweet is significantly quicker and cheaper when compared to creating a YouTube video.

This discrepancy in pay isn’t the only issue. The initial group of X creators who made substantial amounts of money off their tweets likely benefited from their connection to Musk. Many of these accounts were followed or admired by Musk himself, resulting in a large number of X Premium subscribers. Since X only pays based on impressions from other X Premium subscribers, these accounts have a clear advantage over the majority of users aiming to earn from the monetization program.

To make matters more challenging, eligibility for X’s monetization program is stringent. Not only must a user subscribe to X Premium, but they must also have a cumulative total of 5 million impressions over the past three months and 500 followers on their account. Even KSI, with 8.9 million X followers, could only generate $1,590 from the platform. If Musk truly wishes to make X the best platform for creators, he will need to find a way to compete with other platforms that offer more lucrative opportunities for creators.

In the end, while X’s monetization program offers a glimmer of hope for creators, it is essential to approach it with realistic expectations. While some fortunate accounts may earn significant sums, the majority of creators will struggle to make substantial money from the platform. As Musk continues to evolve X, it is crucial for him to address these concerns and create a more equitable system that rewards creators for their efforts. Only then can X truly become the revolutionary platform that Musk envisions – one that empowers and rewards creators in a manner that is comparable to other established platforms.