KDE Plasma’s KRunner A handy tool and why you should use it

KDE Plasma's KRunner A handy tool and why you should use it

Unleashing the Powers of KDE Plasma’s KRunner

KDE Plasma

Are you a Windows user looking for a desktop experience that combines familiarity with added tricks and efficiency? Look no further than KDE Plasma, an open-source desktop environment packed with features that will make your computing tasks a breeze.

Introducing KDE Plasma

KDE Plasma includes all the essential components you have come to rely on, such as a taskbar, system tray, desktop icons, and a desktop menu. But it goes beyond the basics with an arsenal of additional tools, like the versatile KRunner.

KRunner: More than Meets the Eye

KRunner is a powerful tool that allows you to run commands, manage applications, open web pages, search for files, and perform various other tasks without needing to open a terminal. Its extensive capabilities include:

  • Starting and stopping applications.
  • Installing applications.
  • Running commands.
  • Opening web pages and bookmarks.
  • Searching for and opening files and folders.
  • Switching sessions, windows, desktops, and activities.
  • Accessing contacts for easy email sending.
  • Playing music from the default music player.
  • Calculating equations.
  • Displaying the time and date.
  • Checking spelling.
  • Managing computer settings.
  • And much more.

It’s safe to say that KRunner is the tool you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without once you experience its power. While it comes pre-installed by default, you might need to make a few tweaks to get it working seamlessly, depending on the version of KDE you’re using.

How to Use KDE Plasma’s KRunner

To unleash the full potential of KRunner, you’ll need a Linux distribution running the KDE Plasma desktop. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using KRunner effectively:

1. Open KRunner

Once you’ve logged into KDE Plasma, you can open KRunner by using the convenient keyboard shortcut [Alt]+[Space]. This will bring up a drop-down application in the center of your screen.

KRunner shortcut

2. Open a File

Imagine you want to open a file you’ve previously accessed without having to navigate through your file manager or the specific application. With KRunner, you have two options. You can either type the file’s explicit path (e.g., file:/home/jack/Documents/test.txt), or if the file has been opened before, simply type its name.

If you choose the latter, you’ll likely see multiple entries, including Recent Files, Windows (indicating previous openings with associated applications), and Locations (websites). Click on either Recent Files or Windows to open the file with the default application.

File search

3. Open a Website

Need quick access to your favorite website? Simply open KRunner, type in the URL, and select the Locations entry that appears. This will open the website in your default web browser.

Website navigation

4. Check Spelling

We all have those words that trip us up every time. KRunner can be your savior when it comes to checking spelling. Open the tool and type spell followed by the word you want to check. KRunner will provide you with the correct spelling, saving you from embarrassing typos.


5. Calculate

No need to open a separate calculator application when you have KRunner at your disposal. It can perform calculations on the fly. For example, if you want to multiply 3.14 by 3.14, simply enter the equation in KRunner, and it will provide you with the answer.

Calculator feature

Enabling File Search in KDE Plasma

Depending on your version of KDE Plasma and the Linux distribution you’re using, you may need to enable indexing for KRunner’s file search feature to function correctly. Follow these steps to ensure smooth file searching:

1. Open System Settings

Locate the System Settings launcher either in your default panel or through the desktop menu. Once opened, use the search field to quickly find the File Search feature, and click on the corresponding entry in the left pane.

System Settings

In the File Search settings window, make sure both Enable File Search and Also index file content options are checked. If there are specific directories you want to include in the search, you can add them in the bottom pane.

Once you’ve made the necessary changes, click Apply. You may be prompted to restart your machine to start the indexing process properly.

File Search settings

After rebooting and logging back in, open KRunner and enjoy the full functionality of its file search feature.

Experience the Efficiency of KDE Plasma’s KRunner

KRunner is a game-changer when it comes to efficient and streamlined desktop computing. With its wide range of capabilities and the ability to perform various tasks without leaving your current application, KRunner provides an unmatched user experience.

So, if you’re seeking a desktop environment that combines familiarity with additional tricks and improved efficiency, KDE Plasma and its powerful KRunner tool are well worth exploring. Say goodbye to the limitations of other operating systems and embrace the open-source world of KDE Plasma.