Jabra Elite 10 Earbuds Review Comfortable Design

Jabra Elite 10 Earbuds Review Comfortable Design

Jabra Elite 10: A New Step Towards Ultimate Earbud Comfort and Performance

Jabra Elite 10

Over the past few years, Jabra has inundated the earbud market with a series of releases that left even the most dedicated tech enthusiasts confused. With models like Elites 3, 4, 5, and 7 Pro, as well as various “Active” versions, the vast variety of options only added to the complexity and made it difficult for customers to make a purchase decision. However, Jabra seems to have found some restraint in their latest release, the Jabra Elite 10, offering a more streamlined selection for consumers.

Jabra’s Sensible Approach

Jabra has finally come to its senses, at least to some extent. While they have released multiple models simultaneously once again, including the Elite 8 Active and the flagship Elite 10, they have confirmed that there won’t be a standard Elite 8 or an Elite 10 Active. This will bring some much-needed clarity to their product lineup and ensure customers can make an informed choice.

Jabra Elite 10 Design: Comfort Redefined

Among the new releases, the Elite 8 Active appears as a straightforward upgrade of the Elite 7 Pro. It maintains a noise-isolating design with a noise-canceling feature and improved durability. On the other hand, the Elite 10 stands out with a revolutionary design. Departing from the tradition of ear tips jammed into the ears, Jabra introduces silicone ear tips with a unique oval shape that nestles comfortably in the ears. These earbuds offer an unrivaled level of comfort and are among the best in terms of fit and feel.

The Elite 10 in a cream color

While the Elite 10s may feel slightly loose in the ears, they provide a surprisingly secure fit. The buds are discreetly designed and do not protrude conspicuously. Jabra has retained physical control buttons on the Elite 10, allowing users to easily manage music playback, calls, and toggling between noise canceling and HearThru transparency mode. This is a welcome feature for those who prefer the tactile sensation of physical controls.

In terms of durability, the Elite 8 Active holds a higher IP68 rating compared to the IP57 of the Elite 10s. However, the Elite 10s still offer good dust resistance and are fully waterproof, making them suitable for running and other activities.

Advanced Features for an Enriched Experience

The Elite 10s boast an array of advanced features. They come with Jabra’s “Advanced” adaptive noise canceling and an adjustable HearThru transparency mode that allows users to hear the outside world as needed. The earbuds also feature ear-detection sensors that automatically pause music playback when a bud is removed. Additionally, the Elite 10s support multipoint Bluetooth pairing, enabling users to connect the earbuds to two devices simultaneously.

While the Elite 10s do not support the Qualcomm AptX audio codec, they are compatible with AAC and the new LE Audio standard, which includes the LC3 audio codec. Jabra indicates that LE Audio features will be available through a firmware upgrade in the near future.

One standout feature of the Elite 10s is the inclusion of Dolby’s Spatial Sound with head tracking. This technology offers an immersive audio experience, enhancing both music and video playback. Whether it’s listening to tracks remixed in Dolby Atmos or enjoying movies on mobile devices, the Elite 10s excel in delivering a virtual surround sound experience.

Exceptional Sound Quality and Noise-Canceling Performance

The Elite 10s feature larger 10mm drivers, offering richer and more accurate sound when compared to the Elite 8 Active’s 6mm drivers. These earbuds deliver clean, detailed, and open sound, with well-defined bass and a natural midrange. Users have the option to customize the sound through the Jabra Sound Plus app, which also allows for toggling Dolby Spatial Sound.

While the Elite 10s provide a significant improvement in noise-canceling performance compared to their predecessors, the semi-open design does allow some ambient sound to leak in. They may not match the noise-canceling capabilities of competitors like the AirPods Pro 2 or Sony WF-1000XM5. However, they still offer a commendable reduction in ambient noise while maintaining a filtering effect. While testing the earbuds on the busy streets of New York, external sounds were noticeably diminished, yet not completely eliminated.

When it comes to voice-calling performance, the Elite 10s perform well in less noisy environments. However, in louder conditions, they fall slightly behind competing models like the AirPods Pro 2 and Sony WF-1000XM5. The improved microphone system and wind noise reduction technology do help, but not to the extent expected.

Battery Life and Final Thoughts

The Elite 10s offer a battery life of up to 6 hours with active noise canceling enabled, slightly shorter than the Elite 8 Active’s 8-hour battery life. While not the best in terms of battery performance, it still holds up well against competitors like the AirPods Pro 2.

Overall, the Jabra Elite 10s stand out in terms of comfort, sound quality, and advanced features. They may have a few drawbacks, such as the lighter noise-canceling performance and a relatively high price tag of $249. However, their exceptional comfort, excellent audio quality, and array of features make them a strong contender in the true wireless earbud market. With some improvements in voice-calling performance and possible price adjustments, the Elite 10 buds could easily find their place as one of the top choices for consumers.