Issue with 10 Google Pixel 8 features | ENBLE

Issue with 10 Google Pixel 8 features | ENBLE

The Pixel 8 Lineup: What to Expect and What’s Coming Soon


Google recently unveiled its highly anticipated Pixel 8 series during a launch event that was filled with excitement and new software features. But amidst all the hype, it’s important to note that not all of these features will be immediately available when the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2 hit the market. In fact, there are 10 exciting features that may leave you waiting with anticipation. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s not going to be on your new Pixel device when you buy it.

Magic Editor: The Power of Image Editing


One of the standout features that caught everyone’s attention is the Magic Editor, Google’s powerful image-editing tool. This tool has the ability to completely transform your photos by altering everything from the framing to the weather conditions. Although it was showcased during the Pixel event, the fine print at the end revealed that Magic Editor is “coming soon.” While we eagerly await its availability, we can only wonder how this innovative tool will enhance our photography experience.

Zoom Enhance: Making Every Detail Count


The Pixel 8 Pro boasts a remarkable feature called Zoom Enhance, which utilizes a custom generative AI image model to improve the quality of zoomed-in photos after they have been taken. This means that even if you didn’t zoom in when capturing the image, Zoom Enhance will intelligently sharpen the scene and enhance its quality. However, this feature will only be available to Pixel 8 Pro users after a software update in December. So, we’ll have to wait a little longer to unleash the full potential of Zoom Enhance.

Skin Temperature Reading: An Innovative Sensor


The Pixel 8 Pro comes equipped with a temperature sensor that can measure the temperature of objects. However, it won’t accurately read skin temperature at launch. Google has applied for approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to develop a special Thermometer app that can accurately measure skin temperature and send data to the Fitbit app. While the approval is pending, the sensor’s skin temperature readings may not be accurate. Nevertheless, we eagerly anticipate this feature and the potential it holds for health monitoring.

Smart Reply in Gboard: Natural and Intelligent Responses


Gboard, Google’s popular virtual keyboard, is set to become even smarter with the addition of Smart Reply. By incorporating Google’s advanced generative AI, Gboard will generate higher-quality, more natural responses to messages on the Pixel 8 Pro. However, the arrival of this exciting feature is still unknown. We can only hope it will be available in other Pixel devices alongside the Pro edition.

Video Boost and Night Sight Video: Enhancing Your Videos


The Pixel 8 series introduces two impressive features: Video Boost and Night Sight Video. These features leverage the power of the Tensor G3 processor and Google’s data centers to enhance the color, lighting, quality, and stabilization of your videos. Once you shoot a video, it’s uploaded to the cloud, where adjustments are made to create a new and improved version. Both Video Boost and Night Sight Video will be available through a software update scheduled for December.

Contextual Replies for Call Screen: Streamlining Call Responses


Google demonstrated a convenient feature during the Pixel event: the ability to use Google Assistant to reply to incoming calls without speaking directly to the caller. Contextual Replies for Call Screen allow users to respond to phone calls through predefined contextual responses, eliminating the need for direct communication. However, this feature will only be available on the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 later this year, and requires a Tensor-equipped Pixel phone for operation.

Assistant with Bard: Effortless Task Management


As an experimental feature, Assistant with Bard aims to streamline tasks through a combination of Google’s Assistant and Bard generative AI. This powerful duo can quickly create a grocery list based on a brief overview of your needs, export it to a document, and even email it to others in under a minute. Assistant with Bard can also extract information from photos and generate social media posts based on the images it sees. Although it’s currently only available to select testers, it will eventually be available on all Pixel 8 phones.

Updated Magic Eraser: Perfecting Your Photos


The Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos is receiving an update that improves its ability to remove larger objects from photos without affecting the background. Instead of smudging the background, Magic Eraser now creates new pixels to intelligently fill in the gaps. This enhanced version of Magic Eraser is exclusively available on the Pixel 8 Pro, giving users more control over their photo editing experience. While other Pixel devices don’t currently have access to this feature, it may become available in the future.

Fitbit Labs: Personalized Health and Fitness Tracking


The Pixel Watch 2 leverages Fitbit’s app for advanced health and fitness tracking. Google’s generative AI technology will be utilized in Fitbit Labs to provide personalized insights into your performance and lifestyle. This includes analyzing performance trends and offering valuable information on why your trends may change. Through intuitive visual charts, you can quickly understand and monitor your progress. Fitbit Labs will be available to select testers next year, with Pixel phone owners gaining priority access.

Recorder Summarize: Recap Your Recordings


Google’s popular Recorder app is getting an exciting new feature called Recorder Summarize. This feature utilizes on-device generative AI to generate short summaries that concisely capture the highlights of what was recorded. Initially, this feature will only be available on the Pixel 8 Pro after the December software update. Its availability on other Pixel devices remains uncertain.

U.S. English Only: Language Limitations


While not exactly a feature, it’s worth noting that several voice-controlled features announced during the Pixel event will only be available in U.S. English. This includes features such as Summarize, which gathers key points from webpages, and the updated version of Call Screen. While Google is working on expanding language support, it’s important to note that these features may not function optimally in languages or regions other than U.S. English.

In Summary, the Pixel 8 lineup offers a plethora of exciting features that will enhance your mobile and media experience. While some of these features may not be immediately available, the promise of future updates and additions is enough to keep the anticipation high. So, get ready to explore the new possibilities that await you with the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2.