iPhone 15 Rumors, Leaks, and Hype Before Apple’s Sept. 12 Event

iPhone 15 Rumors, Leaks, and Hype Before Apple's Sept. 12 Event

What to Expect from the iPhone 15 Series: Rumors and Predictions

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Apple’s annual fall event is just days away, and tech enthusiasts around the world are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the much-awaited iPhone 15 series. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see a foldable iPhone just yet, there are plenty of rumors swirling around about significant design changes for the upcoming iPhones. Apple’s “Wonderlust” invitation for the event, which seems to have a travel theme, also gives us some hints about what we can expect. So, let’s dive into some of the most credible rumors and predictions surrounding the iPhone 15 series.

iPhone 15 Design: Hello USB-C, Goodbye Lightning

One of the long-standing rumors suggests that Apple might finally make the switch from a Lightning port to a USB-C port for the iPhone 15. This move is likely driven by pressure from the European Union, which has been pushing for a common charging standard. With legislation requiring Apple to equip iPhones with USB-C ports by 2024 to sell them in the EU, it’s only a matter of time before this transition happens globally. Analysts believe that Apple may introduce USB-C ports in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models this year, with a complete transition expected by the iPhone 16. This change would have larger ecosystem and accessory considerations, ensuring compliance with European regulations.

iPhone 15 Design: Dynamic Island for All

According to display analyst Ross Young, the Dynamic Island, a shape-shifting cutout that debuted with the iPhone 14 Pro, is expected to be featured across all models of the iPhone 15 lineup. However, rumors suggest that the base iPhone 15 models may not have a higher refresh rate like the Pro models due to supply chain limitations. This means that while the design will be generally similar across all models, some features might be exclusive to the Pro variants.

iPhone 15 Design: Thinner Bezels

Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of design, and for the iPhone 15 series, they are expected to use a new manufacturing technology called “low-injection pressure over-molding.” This technology, previously used for some Apple Watch models, will help reduce the size of the bezels by fractions of a millimeter. The result will be slightly larger screen real estate, offering users an improved viewing experience.

iPhone 15 Design: Improved Repairability

Apple is also reportedly working on redesigning the interiors of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to make them easier to repair. By integrating the internal components seamlessly into the iPhones and matching them with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, Apple aims to enhance repairability. These changes were noticed by experts at iFixit, who praised Apple’s efforts to make repairs more accessible to users.

iPhone 15: Upgraded Ultra Wideband and Wireless Charging

The iPhone 15 is expected to feature an upgraded Ultra Wideband processor, known as the U1 chip, to better integrate with Apple’s upcoming AR headset, the Vision Pro. This will provide users with a more seamless and intuitive experience when interacting with AR content.

In terms of wireless charging, rumors suggest that all iPhone 15 models will support 15-watt wireless charging using the Qi2 open standard. This means that users will be able to charge their iPhones at full speed using a wider range of compatible wireless charging devices, potentially eliminating the need for proprietary chargers.

iPhone 15 Camera: Periscope-Style Telephoto Lens

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will come equipped with a periscope-style telephoto lens. This type of lens allows for higher optical zoom levels, enabling users to capture sharper and more detailed images of distant objects. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max potentially offering 6x optical zoom, it would be a significant improvement over its predecessor and rival flagship smartphones.

iPhone 15 Design: Solid-State Buttons for Pro Models

In the coming years, Apple is expected to further differentiate its base and Pro models. One way it may do this is by introducing solid-state volume and power buttons for the iPhone 15 Pro models. These buttons would resemble the tactile feel of physical buttons but would rely on haptic feedback for input. Not only would this enhance the user experience, but it would also offer additional protection against water ingress.

iPhone 15 Power: Increased RAM for Pro Models

According to reports from Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, the Pro models of the iPhone 15 lineup will come with increased RAM, with 8GB replacing the current 6GB. This upgrade will complement the anticipated A17 Bionic chipset, providing users with improved performance and multitasking capabilities. Base models of the iPhone 15 are expected to continue with 6GB of RAM.

iPhone 15 Price: Up, Up, and Away?

After years of stable pricing, it’s rumored that the iPhone 15 series will see a price increase in the US. Apple already raised prices in select countries outside the US last year. Analysts predict that the iPhone 15 Pro could cost $100 more than its predecessor, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max may see a price hike ranging from $100 to $200 more. These increases are based on the assumption that Apple will introduce new features and components, such as a periscope camera, titanium frame, and a more advanced A17 Bionic chip. Additionally, rumors of a potential iPhone 15 Ultra model suggest that the upper price range could be pushed even higher.

iPhone 15 Ultra Camera: Variable Zoom Lens

Rumors about the iPhone 15 Ultra, which could potentially replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max, suggest that it will feature a telephoto camera with a variable zoom lens. This type of lens allows for continuous zooming, giving users more flexibility in capturing the perfect shot. While variable zoom lenses are not common in smartphones due to size and design constraints, it seems that Apple is exploring this technology to offer users an even more versatile photography experience.

Launch and Release Timeline

As per Apple’s tradition, the iPhone 15 series is expected to be unveiled at the fall event, followed by a release shortly thereafter. Typically, pre-orders begin a week and a half after the announcement, and the phones become available for purchase around the third week of September. However, Apple sometimes staggers the release dates for specific models. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if the iPhone 15 lineup has more than one release date.


The iPhone 15 series is shaping up to be an exciting and highly anticipated upgrade over its predecessor. With potential design changes, improved performance, and new features, Apple is set to wow its customers once again. While these rumors provide an overview of what we might see, nothing is set in stone until Apple makes the official announcement. So, get ready for the event and keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates on the iPhone 15 series!

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