iPhone 15 Pro Max 5 reasons to upgrade

iPhone 15 Pro Max 5 reasons to upgrade

The iPhone 15 Pro Max: A High-Tech Marvel Unveiled by Apple

iPhone 15 Pro Max The iPhone 15 Pro Max in Natural Titanium color

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the most aggressive set of iPhone upgrades since the 10th anniversary iPhone X in 2017. The star of the show was undoubtedly the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which boasts an array of impressive features that are sure to captivate tech enthusiasts and Apple loyalists. I was lucky enough to get a first look at the device in the Steve Jobs Theater, and I must say, my first impressions are overwhelmingly positive.

Last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max was a fan favorite, dominating the iPhone lineup in terms of sales. With the addition of Apple’s new 5x telephoto lens, this year’s iPhone 15 Pro Max is set to continue that winning streak while adding even more exclusivity.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the standard iPhone 15 models are any less impressive. During the event, Kerry Wan and I had the opportunity to try out all four of the new iPhone 15 models, and we were thoroughly impressed. Kerry wrote about his hands-on experience with the standard iPhone 15, expressing that he didn’t envy the Pro models.

But let’s dive deeper into the iPhone 15 Pro Max and explore the key updates that make it such an attractive upgrade option for iPhone users:

1. Titanium finish means a lighter carry

iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max features a new titanium finish that not only looks sleek but also feels more tactile. The matte texture adds a premium touch to the device. However, the most significant improvement is its weight reduction. The iPhone 15 Pro Max weighs just 221 grams, which is 8% lighter than its predecessor. Apple proudly boasts that the Pro and Pro Max models are the “lightest Pro models ever.” This makes operating the iPhone with one hand much easier, and the improved grip adds further convenience.

2. 5x telephoto means exceptional long-distance photography

For years, iPhone users have eagerly awaited the arrival of a true telephoto lens. With the introduction of the new 5x zoom in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple has finally answered those desires. The 5x zoom is equivalent to a 120mm focal length on a mirrorless or DSLR camera. Shrinking this powerful lens into the width of several small coins required significant engineering prowess.

While the 5x zoom falls short of the 10x optical zoom pioneered by Samsung and Huawei, it matches the zoom capabilities of the Google Pixel 7 Pro. As someone who has extensively used the Samsung zoom lens, I am excited to test the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s image quality. Although it may not match the length of Samsung’s zoom, the iPhone 15 Pro Max offers an intriguing alternative for telephoto enthusiasts.

3. Action button means instant access to your favorite functions

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Taking inspiration from the Apple Watch Ultra, the iPhone 15 Pro Max replaces the Ring/Silent switch with a new Action button. This bright orange button offers unparalleled customizability with seven different sets of functions. By default, it serves as a mute button, but the Action button section in Settings allows you to switch its functionality to various shortcuts like the camera, flashlight, voice memos, and more. For photography enthusiasts like myself, setting it as a physical shutter button to take instant photos is exciting.

Apple has finally embraced the usability factor with the Action button, addressing the delayed camera access issue faced by iPhone users compared to other devices. For me, who has taken over 80,000 photos with an iPhone since 2007, this improvement promises to enhance my photography experience even further.

4. USB-C means enhanced versatility and speed

The long-awaited transition from Apple’s proprietary Lightning charging port to the more universal USB-C has finally arrived with the iPhone 15 series. Apart from meeting environmental mandates, USB-C offers several advantages over Lightning. The USB-C connector on the iPhone 15 Pro Max supports USB 3.0, enabling faster data transfers and charging capabilities.

With USB-C, users can expect faster 10Gbps data transfers (20x faster than USB 2), the ability to charge AirPods Pro 2 or an Apple Watch directly from the iPhone, connect external storage drives, capture Apple ProRAW photos in stunning 48 megapixels, shoot ProRes video directly to an external drive like an SSD, and even connect an external 4K monitor to the iPhone. This newfound versatility opens up a world of possibilities for iPhone users.

It’s important to note that while the USB-C port has brought great benefits, some of these features require a USB 3 cable, which is not currently included in the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s box. Users will have to purchase a third-party USB 3 cable to fully utilize these capabilities.

5. A17 Pro chip means unrivaled performance

A17 Pro chip

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is powered by Apple’s groundbreaking A17 Pro chip, harnessing the power of a next-generation 3nm processor. This chip sets new standards for speed, efficiency, and overall performance. The A17 Pro enables lightning-fast data processing and enables the iPhone 15 Pro Max to handle console and desktop-class gaming. With the inclusion of Ray tracing, a graphics feature traditionally limited to high-end gaming devices, the iPhone 15 Pro Max offers a truly immersive gaming experience.

Although the A17 Pro chip miraculously enhances data processing and gaming, the battery life improvements were overlooked. Many users have experienced intermittent battery issues with the iPhone 14 Pro, and even the larger battery of the iPhone 14 Pro Max struggles to power through a full day of heavy use. We can only hope that Apple addresses this concern in the next iteration of their Pro models.

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro Max offers a host of significant upgrades that elevate the iPhone experience to new heights. From its lighter and more tactile titanium finish to the game-changing 5x telephoto lens, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is sure to impress. With the addition of the Action button, the versatile USB-C port, and the powerhouse A17 Pro chip, Apple has once again showcased its commitment to innovation and technology.

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