iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max now have 8GB RAM

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max now have 8GB RAM

New iPhone 15 Models to Come with More RAM and Enhanced Performance

Image Source: MacRumors

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 lineup is sure to excite tech enthusiasts, with improved specs and enhanced performance. While Apple doesn’t typically reveal the exact amount of RAM in its iPhones, recent findings from software code researcher @aaronp613 in the Xcode 15 Release Candidate provide some insight into the RAM configurations of the new iPhone models.

According to ENBLE, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will boast 8GB of RAM, a notable increase from the previous generation’s 6GB RAM. This additional RAM, coupled with the new A17 Pro chip, promises a significant boost in overall system performance, especially for multitasking capabilities.

In contrast, the lower-end iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will come equipped with 6GB of RAM, aligning with the previous RAM configuration for the iPhone 14 models.

RAM Comparison: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15

Below is a comparison of RAM amounts between the iPhone 14 and the forthcoming iPhone 15 models:

iPhone Model RAM Amount (iPhone 14) RAM Amount (iPhone 15)
iPhone 14 6GB 6GB
iPhone 14 Plus 6GB 6GB
iPhone 14 Pro 6GB 8GB
iPhone 14 Pro Max 6GB 8GB

It is worth noting that the Xcode files have been accurate in revealing RAM amounts for previous iPhone generations, instilling confidence in the reliability of these findings. However, the specific type of RAM in the iPhone 15 models remains unknown. We anticipate that teardowns of the devices will soon unveil this detail, allowing for further analysis and comparison.

The iPhone 15 models are generating substantial anticipation among Apple enthusiasts. Pre-orders for all four models will begin on Friday, September 15 at 5 a.m. Pacific Time in the U.S. and over 40 other countries and regions. The official release of these devices is scheduled for one week later on Friday, September 22.

Get ready for a new era of iPhones with increased RAM and enhanced performance. The iPhone 15 series is poised to deliver a seamless and powerful user experience, making it a highly sought-after upgrade for Apple lovers worldwide.