iPad apps for productivity to get school work done.

iPad apps for productivity to get school work done.

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Productivity on Your iPad


For nearly a decade, the iPad has been an integral part of my daily workflow. From managing my inbox to coordinating my schedule and even editing photos and videos, the iPad has allowed me to do it all. Over the years, both the hardware and software have improved significantly, enabling me to accomplish even more on this versatile device.

While it did take some time for the iPad to get its own operating system, the key to utilizing it as a powerful work computer has always been the apps. Thankfully, there is no shortage of productivity apps to choose from, both from Apple and third-party developers. In this article, we will explore some of the best productivity apps for iPads in 2023, highlighting their features, pros, and cons.

Fantastical: The Ultimate Productivity App for iPad


Fantastical is undoubtedly one of the best calendar apps available for the iPad. It goes beyond a simple calendar by combining tasks and calendar entries into one seamless app. The ease of use is remarkable, with features like creating a new entry just by typing a single line of text. For instance, if you enter “Meeting with David next Thursday at 3”, the appointment will be created effortlessly.

Fantastical offers a free version, but for the best experience, a premium account is recommended. With a premium account, you can unlock features like managing your contacts, making Fantastical the go-to app for all your scheduling needs.

Spark Mail: Elevating Email Productivity

Spark Mail

Tired of the limitations of Apple’s Mail app? Look no further than Spark Mail. This app provides a refreshing email experience with features that allow you to schedule emails, create customized templates, and even snooze emails for later action. It has been a game-changer for me, especially as someone who receives countless emails daily.

While Spark Mail offers various pricing tiers, the Premium Individual tier provides ample benefits at an affordable cost. For business and enterprise users, there are additional features like team collaboration, making Spark Mail a compelling choice for productivity enthusiasts.

1Password: Simplifying Password Management


Managing passwords can be a pain, but 1Password makes it a breeze. This app creates and stores unique passwords for all your online accounts, automatically entering them for you when needed. With robust security features like AES 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication, you can rest assured that your passwords are safe.

1Password offers different pricing plans, from individual to family options, ensuring everyone finds a suitable package. Say goodbye to password-related headaches with this essential productivity app.

iA Writer: The Perfect Writing Companion

iA Writer

For writers who value simplicity and focus, iA Writer is the ideal text editor for iPad. Its straightforward interface and support for the Markdown language make it easy to create and edit documents. With seamless synchronization across multiple devices through third-party storage services, you can pick up your work wherever you go.

The one-time purchase option for iA Writer makes it a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to enhance their writing productivity on the iPad.

PDF Expert: Mastering PDF Management

PDF Expert

PDF Expert transcends traditional PDF readers by allowing you to effortlessly edit PDF files, annotate documents, and even open ZIP files. It is a versatile tool that I rely on heavily for signing contracts, filling out forms, and more. Although most features require a paid subscription, basic tasks can be performed using the free version.

If dealing with PDF files is a regular part of your workflow, investing in PDF Expert is a wise choice that will significantly enhance your productivity.

Choosing the Right Productivity App for You

With the wide range of productivity apps available for the iPad, selecting the perfect one can be overwhelming. To make the decision easier, consider the following table summarizing each app’s purpose, features, and price:

App Price Purpose and Features
Fantastical $57/year Manage tasks, calendar entries, and contacts
Spark Mail $60/year Enhanced email experience with scheduling and templates
1Password $2.99/month Simplify password management and enhance security
iA Writer $50 Focus-oriented text editor with Markdown support
PDF Expert $80/year Advanced PDF editing, annotation, and file management

Every app listed provides some level of free functionality, allowing you to try them out and determine which one aligns best with your needs. Take the time to explore these apps and their design, features, and overall experience. Remember, the App Store offers countless high-quality iPad apps, so don’t hesitate to keep searching until you find your perfect productivity companion.

Factors Considered in Selecting the Apps

While curating this list, several factors were taken into account:

  • Third-party syncing: The ability to sync work across different apps is crucial for productivity. Therefore, only apps that allow third-party syncing were included.

  • Productivity features: Recognizing that productivity requirements vary from person to person, apps with diverse productivity features were featured. Whether you need to streamline your emails, optimize your calendar, or focus on your writing, there is an app suitable for you.

  • Price: Productivity apps come at various price points, from free to subscription-based or one-time purchases. This list features a range of pricing options to suit different budgets.

iPad: A Powerful Productivity Tool

Thanks to Apple’s M1 Processor, recent iPad models offer impressive speed and capabilities comparable to MacBooks or iMacs. The portability of the iPad allows you to be productive on the go, and the compatibility with the Apple Pencil opens up even more creative possibilities.


Q: What is the best free iPad app for productivity?

A: Fantastical is an excellent option as it provides valuable features even in its free version. Additionally, PDF Expert offers a free version for basic tasks.

Q: How much do iPad productivity apps cost?

A: Pricing for iPad productivity apps varies. You can find apps ranging from free to annual subscriptions costing upwards of $80. Some apps also offer family plans, allowing multiple users to enjoy the same features at a lower cost.

Q: Are there alternative productivity apps to consider?

A: The App Store offers a multitude of productivity apps catering to different needs. While the ones mentioned in this guide are top recommendations, it’s always worth exploring alternative options that may better align with your specific requirements.

With the help of these powerful productivity apps, your iPad will become an indispensable tool for accomplishing tasks efficiently and effectively. Embrace the potential of your iPad and unleash your productivity like never before.