iOS 17 is coming soon with exciting new iPhone features.

iOS 17 is coming soon with exciting new iPhone features.

iOS 17: A World of Wonder and Delight

Apple’s highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference brought with it a plethora of exciting announcements, including the unveiling of iOS 17, the next software version for the iPhone. Although the general public won’t have access to it until fall, developers and public beta testers can already download and try out the software. With Apple’s upcoming “Wonderlust” event scheduled for Sept. 12, it’s highly likely that iOS 17 will be available to the public shortly afterward, adding to the excitement surrounding this release.

As someone who switched from Android to iOS more than a decade ago, I’ve been eagerly experimenting with iOS 16 betas since last year. While iOS 17 may not fulfill all my wishes for the platform, it introduces several new features and improvements that have caught my attention.

StandBy Mode: A Smart Display for Your iPhone

One standout feature in iOS 17 is StandBy mode, which transforms your charging iPhone into a smart display when in landscape mode. Whether you’re charging your phone in the kitchen while cooking or keeping it on your bedside table at night, StandBy mode can show you useful information such as the time, widgets, Live Activities, and more. However, it’s important to note that only the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can effectively utilize this feature due to their always-on display. Earlier iOS 17-compatible iPhones can use StandBy mode, but the screen will eventually turn off.

Open Camera App Modes with New Shortcuts Actions

For photography enthusiasts, iOS 17 introduces a convenient way to access different camera app modes. With the latest update, you can utilize the Shortcuts app to create actions that quickly open camera modes like Video and Portrait, rather than relying on the default Photo mode. This saves you the hassle of fumbling through the Camera app and potentially missing out on capturing those precious moments. The process of creating these Shortcuts actions is straightforward and can be customized to your preferred camera modes.

Autocorrect’s Transformation and Improved Predictions

The iOS 17 update brings significant enhancements to the autocorrect feature on the iPhone’s keyboard. Leveraging a transformer model similar to OpenAI’s language models, the keyboard now excels in predicting your next input, be it a name or a curse word. Additionally, autocorrect can assist with grammar, akin to word processing software. Besides being cool and helpful, this improvement personally saves me from the frustration of constantly correcting words to ensure my intended meaning shines through.

Journal App: Unleash Your Creativity and Reflect on Life

Journaling has long been regarded as a means of managing stress, achieving goals, and self-reflection. With iOS 17, Apple introduces the new Journal app, equipped with on-device machine learning to provide personalized prompts and notifications. Whether you’re a seasoned journal writer or a newcomer to the practice, this app offers a digital space for introspection and insights. Even as someone who prefers the traditional pen and paper approach, I find the Journal app to be a helpful companion for those times when inspiration eludes me.

Messages Unleashed: Check In, Quick Replies, and More

iOS 17 also brings exciting improvements to the Messages app. The Check In feature enables you to quickly inform family and friends about your safe arrival at a destination, while the ability to jump to the first unread message in a conversation ensures you don’t miss out on important conversations in busy group chats. Swiftly replying to a specific message is now easier too, with a simple swipe gesture. Additionally, you can create custom Live Stickers from your photos, enabling personalization and adding a touch of fun to your conversations.

Creative Customization with Contact Posters

The introduction of Contact Posters in iOS 17 sparks joy for customization enthusiasts. This feature allows you to personalize contact cards with emoji pictures, custom colors, and fonts, providing a visually appealing way to represent your contacts. Moreover, Apple has made Contact Posters available not only for your iPhone’s contacts but also for third-party calling apps. This expansion of customization options is a promising sign of Apple’s commitment to empowering users to tailor their digital experience.

Enhanced Convenience: Passwords, Reminders, and Siri

iOS 17 introduces several convenient features that aim to simplify daily tasks and enhance the overall user experience. The 72-hour passcode grace period provides relief for those times when you forget your new passcode after changing it. The upgraded Autocorrect, usable in conjunction with word processors like Microsoft Word, ensures more accurate and efficient typing. The Reminders app offers a specialized grocery list feature that organizes your items into sections, easing the burden of an unstructured list. Siri has also seen improvements, doing away with the need to say “Hey, Siri” and allowing for back-to-back requests without repetitive prompts.

AirTags: Improved Sharing and Tracking

With the advent of iOS 17, AirTags receive an update that expands their usability. The software now allows AirTags to be registered with multiple people, making it easier for friends and family to keep track of shared items. Moreover, Apple has addressed the minor inconvenience of receiving notifications about unknown AirTags when in the company of someone else who carries an AirTag.

Amplified Maps: Offline Navigation and Further Enhancements

Apple’s Maps app receives a boost with iOS 17, delivering offline functionality and additional features. Users can now download specific maps for offline access, complete with turn-by-turn navigation and estimated arrival times. The update also focuses on improving the visibility of park trails in the US and providing electric vehicle drivers with real-time charging station availability, emphasizing Apple’s commitment to catering to various digital needs.

Streamlined Sharing: AirDrop and NameDrop

Sharing content with others becomes more seamless in iOS 17 thanks to improvements in AirDrop and the introduction of NameDrop. AirDrop now allows the transfer of files even when you’re no longer in proximity to the recipient. Meanwhile, NameDrop enables the sharing of contact information by simply bringing your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the other person’s device.

Safeguarding Sensitivity: Blurring and Content Warnings

iOS 17 introduces features designed to protect users from encountering unwanted explicit content. Whether it’s blurring images or videos before viewing them or receiving sensitive content warnings in various apps, Apple aims to create a safer digital ecosystem for its users.

In conclusion, iOS 17 promises a series of exciting new features and enhancements that will undoubtedly enrich the iPhone experience for users. Whether it’s the transformative StandBy mode, the convenience of customized Shortcuts actions, or the creative possibilities offered by the Journal app, Apple continues to push boundaries and offer unique functionality. With improvements across various aspects such as messaging, contact management, passcode management, and Siri interactions, iOS 17 caters to users’ desires for better usability and personalization. As the release approaches, Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the fall arrival of this software update and the opportunities it will bring.