iOS 17 Communication Improvements Phone and FaceTime Updates

iOS 17 Communication Improvements Phone and FaceTime Updates

Apple’s iOS 17 Upgrade: Enhanced Communication Features

iOS 17 FaceTime Feature

Apple’s latest iOS 17 upgrade brings exciting new communication features, adding functionality to the Phone and FaceTime apps. With these updates, Apple aims to enhance the user experience and provide more customization options. In this article, we will explore the new features introduced in the Phone and FaceTime apps in iOS 17.

Phone App: Personalize Your Communication

Contact Posters

One of the notable additions to the Phone app is the ability to create “Contact Posters.” Just like in the Messages app, Apple now allows you to choose the name and photo you want to share with others when they call you. Contact Posters are created in the Contacts app, where you can select the Contact Photo & Poster option and customize your appearance.

iOS 17 Contact Posters

You have the flexibility to share a photo, a Memoji, or simply your initials with your contacts. Along with the visual element, you can also customize the font size, style, and color. It’s important to note that changing your name needs to be done separately through your contact information.

Contact Posters can be shared automatically with your contacts, or you can be prompted to share with anyone who calls you, allowing you to control who sees your custom imagery.

Contacts App Redesign

To accommodate Contact Posters, the Contacts app has received some design tweaks. When you tap on a contact, you’ll notice that their contact image, Memoji, or initials now appear more prominently on the screen. This enhancement provides a cohesive look across the app and allows for better identification of your contacts.

iOS 17 Contacts App

Moreover, there is an option to automatically update to the latest contact information or choose to manually update when a contact changes their profile photo or other details.

Live Voicemail: Never Miss an Important Call

iOS 17 introduces “Live Voicemail,” a feature that transcribes voicemail messages as they are being left. This allows you to read the voicemail content in real-time and decide whether it’s urgent enough to pick up the phone. The transcribed voicemail appears directly on your Lock Screen, ensuring that you don’t miss any important calls.

Live Voicemail

It’s worth mentioning that the default wording of Live Voicemail may cause confusion among users unfamiliar with the feature. The existing message—“the person you’re calling may pick up”—suggests that it is a standard call waiting, rather than indicating a voicemail. To avoid any misunderstandings, users can record a custom greeting through the Phone app and clarify the purpose of Live Voicemail.

Furthermore, you have the option to disable Live Voicemail entirely in the Settings app by navigating to Phone > Live Voicemail.

Improved Call Log

In iOS 17, the call log has received a small but useful update. Now, when you check your call history, missed calls that resulted in a voicemail are clearly marked. This allows you to identify and access voicemail messages easily by simply tapping on them from the call log interface.

iOS 17 Call Log

Dual-SIM Enhancements

For those using the Dual-SIM feature on their iPhone, iOS 17 brings a few useful upgrades. Users can now set different ringtones for each SIM, making it easier to distinguish between incoming calls. Additionally, when calling back an unknown number, you can choose which SIM to use. Sorting incoming messages based on the SIM card is another new feature that helps keep your communication organized.

FaceTime: More than Video Calls

FaceTime Video Messages

The iOS 17 update also introduces exciting enhancements to the FaceTime app, making it more engaging and dynamic.

Audio and Video Messages

When you are unable to connect with someone on FaceTime, iOS 17 allows you to leave video or audio messages, depending on the type of call you attempted. If you initiated a FaceTime video call, you can leave a video message, and if it was a FaceTime audio call, you can leave an audio message.

After a missed call, you’ll see an option to “Record Video” or “Record Audio,” enabling you to create a personalized message. You’ll have the chance to preview the video or audio before sending it. The messages are accessible in the FaceTime missed call log, where recipients can watch or listen to them and respond accordingly. It’s important to note that video messages can be saved to the recipient’s Camera Roll.

FaceTime Reactions

Taking inspiration from the reactions feature in the Messages app, Apple has introduced “FaceTime Reactions” in iOS 17. In contrast to word-triggered reactions in messages, FaceTime Reactions are triggered by gestures during a call, making the interaction more fun and expressive.

Gestures will activate on-screen effects such as hearts, balloons, confetti, fireworks, and more, filling the FaceTime window with exciting visuals.

  • Heart: Initiates a heart emoji effect.
  • Thumbs up: Triggers a thumbs up emoji effect.
  • Two thumbs up: Produces a fireworks effect.
  • Single thumbs down: Displays a thumbs down emoji effect.
  • Two thumbs down: Generates a cloud effect.
  • Peace sign with one hand: Triggers a balloons effect.
  • Peace sign with two hands: Fills the screen with confetti.
  • “Rock on” sign with two hands: Presents a laser effect.

Although gestures are the primary way of triggering reactions, a long press on your picture during a FaceTime call will also provide a list of reaction options. Furthermore, third-party apps can adopt these effects, allowing for even more creative expression during video calls.

FaceTime on Apple TV: A Bigger Picture

FaceTime on Apple TV

With the release of iOS 17 and tvOS 17, FaceTime is now available on Apple TV. Although the ‌Apple TV‌ itself doesn’t have a camera, you can utilize your iPhone running iOS 17 or an iPad on iPadOS 17 as the camera for FaceTime calls on the ‌Apple TV‌.

You have the option to initiate a FaceTime call directly on the ‌Apple TV‌ or begin one on your iPhone or iPad and then transfer it to the ‌Apple TV‌. The experience is similar to using FaceTime on other devices but with the advantage of a larger display. To capture your video, make sure your ‌iPhone‌ is placed near the TV. The person you’re FaceTiming with will be shown on the TV screen.

To enhance the FaceTime experience on ‌Apple TV‌, Apple introduces “Center Stage,” which ensures that you stay in the frame even if you move around. Additionally, you can seamlessly hand off a call from the ‌Apple TV‌ to an iOS device or vice versa, allowing you to switch locations while maintaining continuous communication.


The iOS 17 upgrade revolutionizes communication on Apple devices with significant enhancements to the Phone and FaceTime apps. By introducing features like Contact Posters, Live Voicemail, and FaceTime Reactions, Apple aims to create a more personal, interactive, and enjoyable experience for its users. Whether it’s customizing your contact details or engaging in dynamic video calls, iOS 17 brings exciting new possibilities to the world of communication.

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