iOS 17 AirPlay Updates

iOS 17 AirPlay Updates

iOS 17 Takes AirPlay to New Heights

iOS 17 AirPlay Feature

With the iOS 17 update, Apple is revolutionizing the way we use AirPlay. AirPlay is Apple’s wireless communication protocol that allows users to stream music and video content from their iPhones, iPads, and Macs to various devices such as the Apple TV, HomePod, third-party speakers, smart TVs, set-top boxes, and receivers. This update introduces a plethora of new features and enhancements that take AirPlay to new heights, giving users a more intuitive and seamless experience across all Apple devices.

Smarter AirPlay Preferences

iOS 17 takes on-device intelligence for AirPlay to a new level. The operating system now learns your preferences over time, making it easier and faster to connect to your most frequently used AirPlay devices. For example, if you typically AirPlay from your iPhone to the Apple TV in your living room, iOS 17 will learn this behavior and prioritize the Apple TV at the top of your AirPlay device list. This personalized approach saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to search for your preferred device every time you want to stream content.

iOS 17 AirPlay

The AirPlay interface has also received a smart makeover. Devices are now shown based on relevance, and you’ll receive proactive suggestions based on your past AirPlay usage. Additionally, iOS 17 prioritizes devices that are in close proximity to you, making it easier to connect to nearby speakers, TVs, and other AirPlay-enabled devices. The new interface also provides clearer indications of which device is currently AirPlaying content and whether AirPlay is active.

Automatic AirPlay Everywhere

In iOS 17, the Automatic AirPlay feature has been expanded to include not just TVs, but also speakers. Previously limited to AirPlay-enabled TVs, this feature now allows you to automatically connect to nearby speakers and TVs when playing content from apps you commonly use with AirPlay. No more manual device selection or hopping between menus – just seamless streaming at the touch of a button.

iOS 17 AirPlay Automatic

AirPlay in Hotel Rooms

Apple is taking AirPlay on the road by partnering with hotel chains and TV manufacturers to introduce smart TV sets that offer built-in AirPlay functionality. This means that hotel guests will be able to easily stream content from their Apple devices to the hotel TV without the need to sign into individual streaming accounts. It’s a win-win scenario, providing more convenience and security for hotel guests when it comes to enjoying their favorite shows and movies during their travels.

AirPlay Hotels

IHG Hotels and Resorts will be the first to roll out AirPlay support in their hotels, allowing guests to make the most of their Apple devices. LG, one of the leading TV manufacturers, also plans to introduce AirPlay-compatible smart TVs specifically designed for hotel use. This collaboration between Apple, hotel chains, and TV manufacturers takes guest entertainment experiences to a whole new level.

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