Introducing iRobot’s latest smart vacuums, the Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+.

Introducing iRobot's latest smart vacuums, the Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+.

iRobot Unveils New Smart Vacuums and Software Update

Roomba j9+

iRobot, the leader in smart vacuum technology, is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation with its latest offerings. The company recently introduced the Roomba j9+ and the Roomba Combo j9+, two new smart vacuums that boast advanced features and capabilities, addressing previous shortcomings. In addition, iRobot also unveiled its latest iRobot OS software update, enhancing the cleaning experience for both new and existing models.

Introducing the Roomba Combo j9+

iRobot wowed the market last year with the release of the Roomba Combo j7+, the world’s first combo vacuum and mop robot duo. Building on the success of its predecessor, iRobot now presents the Roomba Combo j9+ Robot Vacuum and Mop. This innovative device can detect different floor types and seamlessly switch between mopping and vacuuming, making it a cost-effective and space-saving solution for households.

However, one common issue with combo mop and vacuum robots is the accidental wetting of carpets. iRobot has addressed this problem by introducing Dry Rug Intelligence (D.R.I) technology. This intelligent feature prevents even high-pile rugs from getting wet by automatically lifting the mop when it detects carpet, keeping it clean and dry.

The Roomba Combo j9+ goes above and beyond with its SmartScrub feature, which adds “elbow grease” to the mop. It applies pressure and works back and forth to tackle stubborn messes on hard floors, ensuring a thoroughly scrubbed floor. iRobot is proud to offer the only product on the market that combines SmartScrub with an exclusive Auto-Retract Mopping System.

After completing its cleaning tasks, the Roomba Combo j9+ returns to its Clean Base Auto-Fill Dock, where it automatically empties debris for up to 60 days and refills liquids for up to 30 days, all without any human intervention. The wooden-like top and low noise level of the Clean Base dock further add to the overall positive living space experience.

The Roomba Combo j9+ is now available for presale on the iRobot website, retailing at $1,399.

The Roomba j9+: Upgraded Suction Power and Smart Features

Roomba j9+

Not to be outdone, iRobot has also enhanced its standalone vacuum model. The Roomba j9+ boasts 100% more suction power and a longer-lasting battery compared to previous models. Equipped with advanced technologies such as Carpet Boost, a three-stage cleaning system, and dual rubber brushes, the Roomba j9+ adapts to different floor types and adjusts its cleaning power accordingly.

One of the standout features of the Roomba j9+ is its Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. Once the cleaning process is complete, the Roomba j9+ returns to its sleek base to dispose of the waste on its own. This innovative disposal system can store debris for up to two months before needing to be emptied, offering a truly hassle-free cleaning experience.

Personalization is key with the Roomba j9+. Users have the freedom to customize room priorities, cleaning patterns, timing, suction power, and more, allowing for a tailored cleaning routine that suits their specific needs.

The Roomba j9+ is now available for presale in the US and Canada, with a retail price of $899.

iRobot OS 7.0 Elevates the Cleaning Experience

iRobot OS 7.0

In conjunction with the new vacuum releases, iRobot has also launched the latest version of its operating system: iRobot OS 7.0. This software update introduces two groundbreaking technologies, Dirt Detective and SmartScrub, that further enhance the cleaning capabilities of the Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+.

Dirt Detective is a game-changer in identifying the dirtiest rooms in the house and adjusting cleaning settings accordingly. This feature not only prioritizes rooms in need of a deeper clean but also provides users with a cleanliness assessment map, offering a room-by-room evaluation of their home’s cleanliness.

Moreover, the Roomba will create a custom cleaning plan that focuses on heavily trafficked areas, giving them a more thorough clean, while lightly attending to less-used spaces. Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot, stated that “With Dirt Detective, iRobot is setting its products apart from the competition by introducing a one-of-a-kind cleaning experience.”

The SmartScrub feature, present in both the Roomba Combo j7+ and the Roomba Combo j9+, adds an extra layer of deep cleaning to messier or dirtier areas. By applying downward pressure and using a back-and-forth motion, the Roomba ensures a thorough scrub for those challenging spots.

Starting today, iRobot OS 7.0 updates will be rolling out to customers worldwide, delivering an upgraded and more intelligent cleaning experience.

iRobot continues to dominate the smart vacuum market, consistently pushing boundaries and introducing innovative technologies. With their latest Roomba models and enhanced software, it’s easier than ever to keep our spaces clean, leaving us more time to enjoy the things we love.