Intel releases two new GPUs | ENBLE

Intel releases two new GPUs | ENBLE

Intel Unveils New Mobile Graphics Cards: Arc A570M and Arc A530M


Intel has quietly released two new mobile graphics cards, the Arc A570M and the Arc A530M, without any official announcement. This unexpected launch has put Intel ahead of its competitors, AMD and Nvidia, in terms of the number of laptop GPUs available. While Intel’s Arc lineup of laptops is already larger than its desktop range, it remains to be seen how these new graphics cards will be utilized.

Intel’s new Arc A570M features 16 Xe cores, equivalent to 256 execution units, which is similar to its predecessor, the A550M. However, the A570M has a boosted clock speed of 1,300MHz compared to the A550M’s 900MHz. The increase in frequency comes with a trade-off, as the TGP (Total Graphics Power) rating for the A570M is now 75-95 watts, up from 60-80 watts. Additionally, the A570M comes with 8GB of GGDR6 memory across a 128-bit bus.

On the other hand, the Arc A530M serves as a middle ground between the midrange A550M and the entry-level A370M. It features 12 Xe cores, equivalent to 192 execution units, and a clock speed of 1,300MHz, slightly slower than the A370M’s 1,550MHz. The exact VRAM capacity of the A530M is unknown, but it is speculated to range between 6GB and 8GB. The TGP for the A530M ranges from 65 to 95 watts.

Despite these new additions, Intel’s Arc laptops are not known for being gaming powerhouses, and they are unlikely to challenge AMD and Nvidia for the top gaming laptop spots. However, it is worth noting that Intel has plans to release its Battlemage GPU in 2024, showcasing the company’s commitment to advancing its graphics capabilities.

These new mobile graphics cards from Intel offer incremental improvements over their predecessors, filling the gaps in the Arc lineup. The higher clock speeds and increased power consumption may provide users with better performance for gaming and high-performance applications. While Intel may not be leading the pack in terms of gaming GPUs at the moment, they are making strides to stay relevant and competitive in the market.

Overall, the release of the Arc A570M and Arc A530M demonstrates Intel’s ongoing efforts to enhance its graphics offerings and expand its presence in the mobile market. As the competition between Intel, AMD, and Nvidia intensifies, consumers can look forward to more options and advancements in mobile graphics technology.