Instagram Introduces New Features Adding Music to Carousels and More

Instagram Introduces New Features Adding Music to Carousels and More

Instagram Unveils New Features to Boost Creativity and Connection


Instagram, the popular social media platform, has recently introduced a range of exciting new features to enhance user experience and foster creativity and connection. With these additions, Instagram aims to provide users with even more opportunities to express themselves and interact with their friends in innovative ways.

The announcement of these new features was made alongside the release of musician Olivia Rodrigo’s new single, “Bad Idea Right?” In her Instagram post, Rodrigo showcased a carousel of photos, accompanied by the new single playing in the background. This captivating demonstration gave users a glimpse of the possibilities that the new features hold.

Adding Music to Photo Carousels

One of the standout additions is the ability to add music to image carousels. This feature is designed to enhance the storytelling aspect of sharing multiple photos in a single post. To utilize this feature, users can simply select the photos they want to include in their carousel, and as they move through the usual steps of captioning and geotagging, they will now find an option to “Add music” as well.

Upon selecting “Add music,” users will be presented with a tab displaying song suggestions and a browse tab with songs categorized by genre or mood. Alternatively, users can use the search bar at the top of the page to look for a specific song. In order to find the perfect musical accompaniment for their carousel, users can preview songs before making their selection.

Once users have chosen the right song, they can scrub through it to select the most suitable 90-second clip to complement their images. Instagram also provides suggested sections of the song, making it even easier to pick the ideal snippet.

Collaborating with Friends

Instagram has also introduced a feature that allows users to collaborate with up to three co-authors on their posts, reels, or carousels. This feature is applicable regardless of whether the accounts of the desired collaborators are private or public. Once the invitation to collaborate is accepted, the co-authors will be credited on the post, making it a truly collaborative effort.

Joining the “Add Yours” Trend

To encourage participation and expand creative possibilities, Instagram has unveiled the “Add Yours” sticker for reels. This sticker enables creators and artists to invite their fans to contribute their own creative interpretations of a trend or song. When fans tap on the sticker, they will be able to submit their own contributions. Creators and artists can then curate and highlight their favorite submissions, giving participants a chance to be recognized for their creativity. Selected fans will receive notifications, adding an element of excitement to the process.


Instagram’s latest features are set to revolutionize the way users express themselves and engage with their friends on the platform. By adding music to photo carousels, enabling collaborations with friends, and introducing the “Add Yours” sticker, Instagram is creating a vibrant and dynamic environment for its users to showcase their creativity and connect with others.

These new features build upon the existing functionalities of Instagram, adding extra dimensions of entertainment and interactivity. So, whether users are seeking inspiration, looking to collaborate, or simply wanting to have fun, Instagram is the place to be.

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