Insane one-handed keyboard | ENBLE

Insane one-handed keyboard | ENBLE

The TapStrap 2: A Keyboard Like No Other

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I love to experiment with new ways to interact with computers, so when I came across a remarkable keyboard simulator that straps on one hand, I had to give it a try. I was skeptical that it would be useful but found out I actually liked it.

The TapStrap 2 is an ultra-portable, hand-mounted keyboard that looks nothing like a traditional keyboard. You slide it over your thumb and fingers, and it can be worn on either hand. There are no physical keys, so there’s no space for misalignment or accidental gibberish. Instead, you tap your fingers and thumb on any surface, creating sequences with multiple fingers, similar to playing a chord progression on a piano.

One of the most surprising aspects of the TapStrap 2 is how quickly you can learn to use it. There is a learning curve, but after a couple of weeks of practice, you can develop the required muscle memory. Each finger tap corresponds to a specific letter or character, and by tapping with different combinations of fingers and thumbs, you can type all the letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

From thumb to pinky, each finger represents a vowel, and consonants require multiple fingers to tap simultaneously. This unique finger-chord system allows you to enter text quickly and efficiently. The TapStrap 2 also supports custom key binds and has an extensive library of alternate tap gestures that you can install or even create your own.

The TapStrap 2 is comfortable to wear and can be used with almost any device. It acts like a Bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to pair it with your iPhone, Android phone, Mac, Chromebook, or Windows PC. It’s especially great for iPads and tablets, as it frees up screen space and allows you to place the screen at eye level while your hand rests comfortably on the table. This not only improves typing ergonomics but also reduces neck strain.

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The TapStrap 2 is also a great solution for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments. Bluetooth keyboards can be connected to VR headsets, but seeing the keyboard is often impossible. With the TapStrap 2, you can get physical feedback and type without the need to see the keyboard. One hand is used for typing while the other hand handles cursor movement, text selection, and scrolling.

In AR, where traditional computer keyboards can be used, the TapStrap 2 offers a more immersive and futuristic experience. Combined with AR glasses, smartphones, and apps, it creates a portable workstation with a large virtual screen where you can type using the hand-mounted keyboard.

To become proficient with the TapStrap 2, Tap Systems provides several games and training tools. Just like learning to type on a traditional keyboard, muscle memory takes time to develop. Repetition and following a structured progression are key to mastering the TapStrap 2. With daily practice using the provided apps, you’ll soon find the gestures becoming second nature.

When it comes to typing speed, the TapStrap 2 may not match the speed of a traditional keyboard for most people. However, experienced users can achieve impressive speeds. Even if typing speed is not the main selling point of the TapStrap 2, its portability, ease of use, and versatility make it an excellent choice for those times and places where a regular keyboard is not accessible or would be awkward to use.

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The TapStrap 2 is reasonably priced at $135, comparable to a high-quality Bluetooth keyboard. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from Tap Systems. However, it’s worth noting that learning to use the TapStrap 2 requires time and patience, so it’s essential to have the dedication to learn the gestures.

If you’re an adventurous tech enthusiast and own a standalone VR headset or smart glasses, the TapStrap 2 could be an excellent fit for your portable computing needs. Its small size, lightweight design, and no-look typing capabilities make it a unique and valuable tool for those who want to enhance their mobile typing experience.

Tap Systems also offers another version called TapXR, which is worn on the wrist like a bracelet. While I haven’t personally tried it, if the hand-mounted TapStrap 2 doesn’t appeal to you, the TapXR could be a more intriguing option.

In conclusion, the TapStrap 2 is a keyboard alternative like no other. With its innovative design, easy-to-learn gestures, and compatibility with various devices, it opens up new possibilities for portable computing and typing in AR and VR environments. So, if you’re ready for a typing adventure, give the TapStrap 2 a try and experience the future of keyboard technology.

Image Source: ENBLE