Insane in more ways than one The CLX Hathor dual-PC | ENBLE

Insane in more ways than one The CLX Hathor dual-PC | ENBLE

The CLX Hathor: An Absurdly Convenient Dual-PC Gaming Setup

Hathor Photo credit: Jacob Roach / ENBLE

The CLX Hathor is an absurdly powerful gaming PC that offers a unique proposition — it combines two PCs into one case, complete with the most powerful hardware available today. While the concept of dual-PC setups for gaming and streaming is not new, the Hathor brings convenience and ease-of-use to the table. Priced at $7,000, it’s definitely an investment, but is it worth it? Let’s find out.

The Obvious Answer: Streaming

Streaming Photo credit: Jacob Roach / ENBLE

The most apparent use case for the Hathor is streaming. Traditionally, streamers would use a separate streaming PC to offload the encoding workload, allowing their main gaming PC to focus solely on running the game. However, with modern hardware advancements, this is no longer necessary. GPU-based encoders from AMD and Nvidia have significantly improved, offering minimal performance impact and consistent streaming quality. Tests on the Hathor demonstrated only minor frame rate drops while streaming, making a single, high-performance PC a more practical choice for most streamers.

Inside the Hathor

Inside Hathor Photo credit: Jacob Roach / ENBLE

So what exactly is the CLX Hathor? It’s essentially two PCs built into one case. The PCs operate independently, each equipped with its own power supply, video outputs, and USB ports. The main PC is a standard gaming rig, customizable with options for GPUs, CPUs, RAM, power supplies, and hard drive configurations. The second PC, located beneath the main PC, utilizes Intel’s 12th-gen NUC Compute Element and comes pre-installed with an Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card.

Although the two PCs reside in the same case, they function as separate entities. Setting up a stream requires the main PC to run through the capture card of the second PC. This means using separate monitors and peripherals, which may involve extra logistical considerations. While the Hathor offers convenience in consolidating the hardware, it still presents challenges in terms of managing multiple devices and connections.

Where the Hathor Shines

Hathor Shine Photo credit: Jacob Roach / ENBLE

Despite its drawbacks, the Hathor has its strengths. One advantage is its reliability. By separating the gaming PC and streaming PC, users can ensure continuous streaming even if the main PC encounters issues. The Hathor also shines in complex streaming setups, accommodating multiple cameras and scenes without overwhelming the gameplay experience. Additionally, compared to managing two separate PCs, the Hathor’s consolidated design offers a more manageable footprint without compromising on power.

Speaking of power, the Hathor is a beast. It delivers exceptional performance, thanks to CLX’s optimization and meticulous hardware selection. With all the necessary BIOS settings, this pre-built PC operates at its peak, providing top-notch performance almost straight out of the box. CLX’s attention to detail is evident in the expert cable management and aesthetically pleasing build quality.

Not for everyone

Not for everyone Photo credit: Jacob Roach / ENBLE

Despite its conveniences and power, the Hathor is not a practical solution for most gamers. The need for a dual-PC setup is limited, and the added complexity and cost outweigh the benefits for many users. At a price of $7,114 for the reviewed model, the Hathor is undoubtedly expensive. Comparatively, one could build two separate PCs with similar specifications and performance for $600 less. Alternatively, opting for a combination of a high-end dedicated gaming PC and a prebuilt NUC with an external capture card would save roughly $3,000.

In Conclusion

Conclusion Photo credit: Jacob Roach / ENBLE

While the Hathor may not be the best fit for most individuals, it does showcase CLX’s expertise and commitment to delivering premium products. The Hathor’s build quality, cable management, and extensive customization options highlight CLX’s dedication to providing a top-tier experience.

If the Hathor aligns with your specific requirements, and you’re willing to invest in its unique capabilities, you’ll likely be satisfied with the product. However, for the majority of users, exploring CLX’s other offerings would be more practical, providing equally impressive performance at a lower cost.