Immortals of Aveum rethinks PC optimization with ENBLE

Immortals of Aveum rethinks PC optimization with ENBLE

Immortals of Aveum Introduces Performance Budget Tool for PC Gamers

EA Image: Immortals of Aveum combat scene

Immortals of Aveum is revolutionizing the way gamers optimize their PC gaming experience with its innovative Performance Budget Tool. This tool helps players navigate the intricate graphics menu and understand how each setting impacts performance. Unlike previous games that offered a general sense of how settings affect GPU and CPU usage, Immortals of Aveum assigns specific numbers to each setting, increasing as the option is turned up.

Upon launching the game, the Performance Budget Tool assesses the system configuration and conducts a brief benchmark test to determine its power. It then applies settings that should allow components to reach a smooth 60 frames per second (fps). From there, gamers have the freedom to tweak the settings and witness real-time changes in their performance budget.

The brainchild behind this intriguing tool is Mark Maratea, the technical director on Immortals of Aveum. Maratea expressed his personal attachment to the project, referring to it as his “little baby.” As an avid system-tweaker and component-overclocker himself, Maratea wanted to understand the impact of system modifications on the game’s performance. The Performance Budget Tool enables players to benchmark their systems and ascertain whether their adjustments make a tangible difference.

While many PC games include benchmark tools, the effort invested in creating the Performance Budget Tool is remarkable. Maratea and his team went beyond the standard offerings, exposing a range of settings that are typically inaccessible to consumers. They extensively tested these settings using various hardware setups to determine their performance impact. The result is a comprehensive tool that not only provides a system rating through the Unreal Benchmarking program but also offers insight into how players are allocating their performance budget.

This tool’s significance for Immortals of Aveum cannot be understated. As the first major game utilizing Unreal Engine 5, the developers at Ascendent Studios have extensively utilized the engine’s capabilities. Dave Bogan, the game’s art director, humorously described the experience of using Unreal Engine 5 as if “the clouds parted and the sun rays just shone down on us.”

Unreal Engine 5’s revolutionary features, such as Nanite and Lumen, play a vital role in shaping the game’s visual appeal. Bogan emphasized the importance of Lumen in mitigating issues caused by excessive lighting, allowing for fewer lights with enhanced functionality. Moreover, Nanite enables highly detailed meshes previously considered unfeasible, making it possible to create 2 million-polygon meshes throughout the game’s levels.

While Nanite and Lumen have received significant attention, another highlighted feature is Niagara, which significantly impacts the game’s visual effects. Joe Hall, the visual effects lead, emphasized the vast improvement Niagara brings to the game, particularly in the context of magic-based gameplay. The team was able to push the visual boundaries of Immortals of Aveum, achieving effects and levels of detail that were not feasible in the past.

One of the most impressive aspects of Immortals of Aveum is its expansive scale. Players can explore vast levels, with the ability to climb and admire distant mountains that are represented by real meshes, thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5.

While the Performance Budget Tool undoubtedly enhances the gaming experience, it is wise to wait until the release of Immortals of Aveum to assess its true performance capabilities. The game promises to be visually stunning, but its demanding nature may lead to potential performance challenges, even with the Performance Budget Tool’s assistance.

EA Image: Immortals of Aveum battlefield scene

Overall, Immortals of Aveum’s Performance Budget Tool is a groundbreaking addition that empowers PC gamers to understand the impact of their settings on performance. The developers’ commitment to optimizing their game with Unreal Engine 5’s advanced features highlights the potential of gaming technology. As we eagerly await the game’s release, it’s clear that Immortals of Aveum has set the bar high for immersive and visually stunning gaming experiences.