Immersed’s Visor XR headset solves Vision Pro pain points.

Immersed's Visor XR headset solves Vision Pro pain points.

Immersed Unveils the Visor: A Breakthrough in AR/VR Headset Design

Visor AR/VR headset

For the past decade, companies like Meta and HTC have been tirelessly working to make AR/VR headsets more popular. However, these attempts have largely fallen short due to issues related to comfort and the overall idea of wearing a computer on one’s face. The announcement of Immersed’s Visor headset could finally tip the scales in the favor of these innovative devices.

Immersed, a prominent player in the AR/VR space, recently unveiled the Visor, a next-generation headset designed for spatial computing in the workplace. One look at its design immediately sets it apart from other headsets on the market. Resembling sunglasses or smart glasses, the Visor is 25% lighter than a smartphone, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. In fact, it can even fit in the palm of your hand and supports wireless connectivity. Additionally, the Visor can be custom fit to ensure that it is comfortable for every user. For those seeking maximum comfort, an optional backstrap is also available.

By designing a mixed-reality headset that weighs less than a smartphone, Immersed has introduced a game-changing concept to the industry. To put it into perspective, the Meta Quest 2 currently weighs 503 grams, while the largest iPhone 14 Pro Max weighs just 240 grams. The weight reduction alone will significantly improve the usability and overall experience for users.

Apart from its lightweight and sleek design, the Visor also boasts impressive specifications. Each eye is equipped with a 4K Micro OLED display, resulting in stunning visuals. The wide 100-degree field of view creates a truly immersive experience. What sets the Visor apart is its ability to open up to five screens at once, a feature that will undoubtedly enhance productivity for work-related tasks. With six degrees of freedom built-in tracking and HD color passthrough, the Visor promises seamless integration across platforms, being compatible with Apple, Windows, and Linux.

Immersed has teased a partnership with an undisclosed tech giant to bring the Visor to life. In the past, the company has collaborated with major technology companies like Meta, developing a productivity app for the Oculus Quest. With the Visor, Immersed is venturing into the world of hardware.

Unlike other headsets, Immersed’s focus with the Visor is on work-related use cases. Therefore, they’ve prioritized a comfort-first design, setting them apart from Apple’s recent AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro. While the Vision Pro received initial criticism for its bulky design and pocketable yet tethered battery pack, Immersed has addressed these flaws in their own headset.

The Visor is set to be released in 2024, but interested individuals can already join the waitlist to stay updated. Immersed will announce the pricing details later this year. With the introduction of the Visor, Immersed is positioning itself as a force to be reckoned with in the AR/VR industry, providing a breakthrough in headset design that will revolutionize the way we work and interact in the digital age.