Hitoki’s portable laser bong attachment enables on-the-go smoking.

Hitoki's portable laser bong attachment enables on-the-go smoking.

Introducing the Hitoki Portable Attachment: Elevating Your Smoking Experience

Hitoki Portable Attachment

Smoking weed on the go has always been associated with the humble joint—a small, pocket-sized, and easy-to-pass-around option. But now, Hitoki, the company known for creating innovative and hi-tech smoking accessories, is revolutionizing the portable smoking experience with its Hitoki Saber laser bong system and the recently dropped Hitoki Portable Attachment.

The Hitoki Saber is an incredible bong that uses a laser for combustion, creating an actual laser bong experience without the need for fire. This futuristic device provides an exceptionally smooth smoking experience, complete with colorful illumination. However, until now, it hasn’t been the most travel-friendly option.

Enter the Hitoki Portable Attachment, a modular silicone piece that connects a spill-resistant bubbler to the Hitoki Saber device, perfect for on-the-go smokers. This attachment holds the bubbler, the device, and the herb poker together in one compact package.

Now you may be wondering, “How does it fare in terms of portability?” Well, to be honest, it gave me a mixed sense of uneasiness and excitement—much like a dream that seems both strange and exhilarating. I put it in my backpack and cycled to Prospect Park to smoke with friends. When I arrived, much to my relief, no water had spilled out, and the glass bubbler remained intact. While transporting a glass bubbler can be nerve-wracking, the Hitoki Portable Attachment proved to be sturdy and reliable.

In terms of the smoking experience, the Hitoki Portable Attachment shares many similarities with its non-portable counterpart. The first hit may not be as strong as the subsequent ones, but all hits still pack a punch. The battery life is outstanding, allowing for an extended smoking session. However, each load only provides a few hits, which can feel slightly wasteful. The three heat settings ensure a smooth smoke, making it a versatile choice. The Hitoki Portable Attachment truly shines in outdoor settings like parks or camping, where an open flame might not be ideal.

Contrary to my initial concerns, the silicone container did not affect the smoking experience negatively. Instead, it enhanced the overall ease of use, providing a comfortable grip while on the move and preventing any accidental shifting on countertops. The only minor inconvenience is having to remove the saber from the silicone attachment to reload the herb—an action similar to putting on leggings after getting out of a pool.

While the Hitoki Portable Attachment offers a built-in storage space for a cleaner, one important component seems to be missing—an herb storage compartment. Given the limited number of hits per load, particularly when sharing with friends, having a separate container for herbs would have been more convenient. Currently, users must carry their herbs separately, making it less hassle-free compared to simply bringing a joint.

The Hitoki Portable Attachment is priced at $59.99, which includes the spill-resistant glass bubbler, silicone attachment, and cleaning tool. However, it’s important to note that the Hitoki Saber device needs to be purchased separately, costing $299.99. If you already own the Hitoki laser bong, it’s definitely worth investing in the Portable Attachment to elevate your smoking experience.

In conclusion, the Hitoki Portable Attachment offers smokers a unique and futuristic way to enjoy their cannabis while on the move. Its convenience, sleek design, and smooth hits make it an attractive alternative to the traditional joint or one-hitter. Embrace the future of portable smoking with Hitoki’s innovative and stylish Portable Attachment.