Guide to setting up and using Meta’s Threads on Windows 11 desktop

Guide to setting up and using Meta's Threads on Windows 11 desktop

How to Use Threads on Your Windows 11 Computer

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Meta’s Threads is a social network designed as an alternative to Twitter, popular for its mobile app. However, the website access for Threads has always been a major obstacle for users. Reading and writing posts on the website has been a clumsy process, unlike the seamless experience on the mobile app. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised an update to Threads that will provide enhanced web access, but until then, here’s a workaround for using Threads on your Windows 11 computer.

The trick lies in Windows 11’s support for Android apps, which makes it possible to run Threads as a desktop app. Here are the steps to set it up:

1. Install Amazon Appstore and Windows Subsystem for Android

The first step is to install the Amazon Appstore, which is supported by Windows 11. Visit Microsoft’s support page for the Amazon Appstore on Windows and click the “Get the Amazon Appstore” button. This will redirect you to the Microsoft Store, where you can download and install the Appstore.

2. Open Amazon Appstore

Once the Amazon Appstore is installed, open it from your computer. Click the “Install” button and then “Download” to launch the Appstore.

3. Log into Amazon Appstore

Upon opening the Amazon Appstore, the Windows subsystem for Android will be initiated. You can log in with your Amazon account, although it’s not necessary for setting up Threads as an app. After logging in (or skipping the login), close the Amazon Appstore.

4. Set Windows Subsystem for Android to Developer mode

Now, you need to enable Developer mode in the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). Open the WSA tool from the All Apps menu and click on “Advanced Settings” in the left pane. Turn on the switch for Developer mode and close WSA.

5. Download the APK for Threads

Threads is available as an Android APK (Android Package) file. To download it, go to a reliable APK website, such as APKMirror. Search for Threads on the site and click on the download icon for the latest release. Make sure to avoid beta versions, as they may not work properly. Click on “See available downloads” and then “Download APK”.

6. Download and Install WSATools

To install the Threads APK file in Windows 11, you’ll need a tool like WSATools. Visit the WSATools page in the Microsoft Store and click “Get in Store app”. Follow the prompts to download and install the program.

7. Install the Threads APK file

Open WSATools from the Microsoft Store or the Start menu. At the welcome screen, click “Install an APK”. You may encounter a message stating that ADB is missing. Click “Install” and then click “Select Folder”. Choose a specific folder to store the ADB files rather than saving them to the root of your hard drive.

Next, select the Threads APK file that you downloaded earlier and click “Load APK”. Proceed to click “Install” at the APK Installer window. If prompted to allow ADB debugging, click “Allow” and continue the installation. After the installation is complete, click “Open App” to launch Threads.

8. Log into Threads

Enter your username and password to log into the Threads app. If you encounter issues with the login screen not appearing, try downloading a different Threads APK file from APKMirror. You can also save your login information for future convenience.

9. Use Threads

Now you can fully utilize Threads on your Windows 11 desktop, similar to how you would use it on a mobile device. You can read and reply to posts, search for accounts to follow, write your own posts, and manage your settings. The only drawback is that the APK is designed for mobile devices, so it cannot be run in full-screen mode. Nevertheless, this workaround provides a way to use Threads directly on your PC until Meta updates the app with better web access.

Using Threads on your Windows 11 computer enhances accessibility and allows for a more seamless experience, bridging the gap between the mobile and desktop worlds. Enjoy connecting with others and sharing your thoughts on this alternative social network.