Guide to joining and using Meta’s Twitter rival Threads

Guide to joining and using Meta's Twitter rival Threads

How to Get Started with Threads: A Comprehensive Guide

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There’s a new player in the social media game, and it’s freely available for all to join. Threads, the brainchild of Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, is an alternative to Twitter that offers a unique and engaging platform for users. Whether you’re eager to become a permanent member or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, this article will guide you through the process of getting started with Threads.

Step 1: Join Instagram if you don’t have an account

Before diving into Threads, you’ll need an Instagram account, as Threads directly integrates with it. If you don’t already have an Instagram profile, fear not! Simply head to the Instagram website and click on the “Sign up” link. Fill in your name, email address, and password, then click “Sign up.” Confirm your account via the verification code sent to your phone, and voila! You’re now all set up with Instagram.

Step 2: Sign in on the Threads app

To access and interact with Threads, you’ll need to download the mobile app, available on both the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Once downloaded, open the app and sign in using your Instagram account. If your Instagram account is already displayed at the bottom of the initial screen, simply tap it. Otherwise, select the option to “Log in with Instagram” and proceed from there. You also have the option to save your login information for future ease of use.

Step 3: Create your profile

Upon signing in, Threads will prompt you to confirm your name, write a bio, and add a link to a website. If you prefer to use the information from your Instagram profile, you can simply tap the “Import from Instagram” button. Alternatively, you can manually enter your details if you wish to customize your Threads profile further.

Step 4: Go private or public

Next, Threads will ask you to decide whether you want to make your profile public or private. With a public profile, anyone can see, share, and interact with your content. Conversely, a private profile restricts access to only your approved followers. Choose the privacy setting that suits your preference and tap “Next.”

Step 5: Select the accounts to follow

Threads allows you to follow specific Instagram accounts to populate your feed. Review the list of accounts provided and tap “Follow” for any that interest you. Please note that the accounts you choose should also be active on Threads. To follow all accounts, simply press the “Follow all” button. Accounts that have already joined Threads will display a “Following” button, while those who haven’t will offer a “Cancel” option in case you change your mind. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, tap “Next.”

Step 6: Join and view the main feed

After selecting the accounts you want to follow, Threads will provide a brief explanation of how its feed works. Read through the details and click the “Join Threads” button to proceed to the main feed.

Step 7: View the main feed

Upon entering the main feed, swipe down the screen to view the posts from the accounts you follow. At the top, you’ll notice two headings: “For you” and “Following.” Tapping “For you” will display posts from both the accounts you follow and other suggested accounts. On the other hand, selecting “Following” will show posts exclusively from the accounts you follow.

Step 8: Respond to a post

Should you come across a post that catches your attention, Threads offers several options for interaction. Tap the heart icon to indicate your appreciation for the post. If you wish to respond, click the reply icon and type your message. Additionally, you can report or quote the post through the next icon. Lastly, the fourth icon allows you to add the post to your Instagram story or feed, share it on Twitter, copy the link, or utilize another app or service for sharing purposes.

Step 9: Find accounts to follow

If you’d like to discover new accounts to follow, Threads has a search feature for precisely that purpose. By tapping the search icon, the app will suggest new accounts that align with your interests. Alternatively, you can enter a specific term or name in the search field to find relevant accounts. To follow an account, simply tap the “Follow” button.

Step 10: Check your activity

To keep track of your followers, replies, mentions, and other activities, tap the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. The “All” tab will display your current followers alongside any pending requests to follow private accounts. Remember, private accounts require approval from the owner. You can initiate a follow-back by tapping “Follow” for those who are already following you. The other tabs will allow you to view your replies, mentions, and your verified status.

Step 11: Submit a post

If you wish to contribute to the Threads community, tap the “New Thread” icon at the bottom of the screen. Compose your post and, if desired, attach a photo or video by using the paper clip icon. When you’re ready, tap “Post.” Your contribution will appear on your feed and the feeds of your followers. Any Threads user can like, reply to, repost, or quote your post, as well as share it through other platforms.

Step 12: Review your profile

To manage your profile and view your submitted posts and replies, tap the profile icon at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can edit and share your profile details. By tapping the globe icon at the top, you can review and adjust your privacy settings. Furthermore, if you tap the Instagram icon at the top, you can access your Instagram posts and profile as well.

Step 13: Review your settings

To access additional Threads settings, tap the settings icon at the top of the profile screen. From here, you can invite friends to join Threads, manage your notifications, adjust privacy settings, review your account options, and seek help and information about Threads.

Step 14: Access Threads at the website

Lastly, if you prefer to access specific Threads accounts and read their posts via the website, you can do so with slight manual effort. Visit the Threads website and, after the address, append the @ symbol followed by the name of the account you wish to view. For example, would direct you to my posts. Once there, you can switch between threads and replies associated with the account.

Follow these steps to join the Threads community and start enjoying a novel social media experience. Explore, connect, and engage with others in this exciting platform brought to you by Meta!