Guide for enabling dark mode in Gmail on PC

Guide for enabling dark mode in Gmail on PC

How to Enable Dark Mode in Gmail on PC: A Guide to Enhancing Your Email Experience

If you’re someone who prefers the aesthetically pleasing, eye-friendly experience of dark mode on your apps and websites, you’re in luck! You can also activate dark mode for your Gmail inbox on your PC in just a few simple steps. Let’s dive into this guide to help you set it up and start enjoying a darkened Gmail interface.

A Note About Dark Mode in Gmail on PC

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that dark mode, known as Dark Theme in Gmail, has some limitations when it comes to PCs. While it successfully darkens your inbox, it currently doesn’t extend its effect on other aspects of Gmail’s user interface on the desktop website. So, although the overall experience might not be entirely darkened, the steps below will enable dark mode specifically for your inbox.

Step 1: Open Your Web Browser and Access the Gmail Website

First, open your preferred web browser on your PC and navigate to the Gmail website. If you haven’t already, log into your Gmail account to gain access to your inbox.

Step 2: Access the Gmail Settings

Once you’re logged in, locate the Settings gear icon located in the top-right corner of your screen. Click on it to reveal a drop-down menu.

Selecting the View All option from Gmail’s settings menu on desktop web

Step 3: Navigate to the Theme Section

Within the drop-down menu, you’ll find a section titled “Theme.” Click on the “View all” option to access the various themes available in Gmail.

Step 4: Choose the Dark Theme

Once you’re on the “Pick your theme” screen, scroll down until you find a solid, black rectangle indicating the Dark Theme. This is the option you want to select. As soon as you click on it, your Gmail inbox will transform into a darker layout.

Selecting Dark Theme in Gmail settings, causing the inbox to immediately darken

Step 5: Save Your Changes and Exit

To apply the changes and exit the theme customization screen, simply click on the blue “Save” button located on the screen. Your Gmail inbox on your PC will now be in dark mode.

That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled dark mode for your Gmail inbox on PC. Now you can enjoy a more visually pleasing and potentially easier-on-the-eyes email experience.

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Dark mode not only provides a fresh visual aesthetic, but it’s also known to reduce eye strain, particularly in low-light conditions. So, why not embrace the trend and experience the benefits of dark mode for yourself?